The Food Critic

Thank you for joining us for another episode of MiMi Speaks …
where the baby sets the record straight. 
Today’s Topic:  Baby Food
specifically Rice Cereal

So, today they put this big ol’ bowl of stuff in front of me and expected me to eat it.
The doctor had already said that I should be 6 months old to get this stuff – she did NOT recommend this one bit – see, she knows what’s good for me … and this ain’t it.
But nooooooooooo, my mom thinks I’m ready.  She’s totally going AMA (that’s “against medical advice” for you non-Medical-Transcription-Students out there).   After all, I’m just 5 months and 2 weeks old …
Mom thinks just because I want the food that’s on HER spoon and what’s in HER cup that I will settle for this white, runny whatever-it-is.
I mean, sheesh, what can I say about that mom of mine…she doesn’t get it.
This is NOT what I want – I want what is in HER cup and on HER spoon –
Not this bland, runny, tasteless white stuff.
I’m so not impressed with Mom’s culinary skills at this point.
Not impressed one bit.
This spoon, however, it’s pretty cool.
Yea, I like the spoon …
that tasteless, runny white stuff – not so much.
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2 Responses to The Food Critic

  1. Mrs. Doug says:

    Can't say as I blame ya, Miss Mimi. That stuff looks pretty bland.Mrs. D

  2. melanie says:

    =)Tell her you want some squash or sweet potatoes, Mimi!

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