Catching Up

Whew – we’ve had some pretty full, busy days lately!  I’ll give just a little re-cap since the sordid details aren’t all that interesting … and I’ll intersperse pictures of Miss MiMi to keep your attention!  šŸ˜‰

We’ve been busy with a house full of kids that I am babysitting this summer – and a few other friends of my kids who have come by as well.
My kids are loving all the playmates since we lead pretty solitary social lives, especially during the school year because we just stay so very busy.
Miriam is loving the attention and the action as well!
Yesterday we had 3 girls total in the house – ages 9, 10, and 11.
They are so fun to listen to while they play!
Their game was “World War II”, which Anna says is her favorite war – not so much because of the battles, she says, but because of the sad stories of the concentration camps and the devastation of war zones (she seems to thrive on drama and tragedy!).
And so the girls played WWII, and the scenarios they came up with were really rather intriguing:  things like playing that they were part-Jewish and in a concentration camp – but then they found out that one of the guards was their brother-in-law (not sure how exactly that pans out but you don’t ask questions when they play these games!) who helps them escape.
They also use Miriam as their baby whom they must care for under the most dire of war-like circumstances.
Today is the only day this week that we don’t have extra kids at the house, so I had to drag my own kids on errands.  Actually, I am so thankful to have them along as they are a HUGE help with Miriam and carrying things for me!
We hit Walmart today – and I used my handy-dandy coupons to score a few deals like:
67 cents for KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce
86 cents for Hidden Valley Ranch dressing
Lysol wipes for $1.50 each container
Pantene products (my favorite) for $2.50 each
an a/c filter for $6.88 instead of $8.88 regular price
June is month 3 of our cash-only envelope system!
May was ok … again, we were bailed out by a few unexpected blessings –
and God continues to provide for those things that come up that we haven’t thought to  budget for.
In June and July, I will hopefully bring in a few supplemental dollars by baby-sitting.
The only other option we’d have is to give up more things like basic cable tv service or the internet … but I’m just not willing to do that yet.  I realize there are other smaller changes we could make as well – like buying NO soda or generic soda (and I, for one, love my occasional Coke and Diet Coke – especially with $5 for a 24 pack at Walmart right now) or junk food (and again, I don’t think chocolate or brownies are so bad – in moderation!!  And my husband feels the same way about his potato chips & tortillas with salsa).
I still think our grocery bill is where we spend the most money – right now we are aiming at $300 a month for food – but it doesn’t seem to be enough.   Somewhere I read you should figure $25 per person per week for groceries, which for us would be $400/month (not counting Miriam), which seems more reasonable for our family.
So, we’re still working on tweaking things.  I will say that I recently lost my debit card (probably by an ATM machine, getting our cash allotment)
– and I haven’t missed it one bit.  I did report it lost and should have a replacement soon.
So, for a used-to-be spoiled girl, who used to live on over twice what we are making now, I think I am making great (albeit slow) strides!
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  1. melanie says:

    Miriam IS such a cutie, but I'd read your blog anyway ;-)I was thinking I should FB you this morn — wondering how my Late Night friend was surviving the house full of kiddos, assuming the extra kids arrive before 10am =) and thinking your blog was a bit quiet!

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