MiMi Speaks: What I Have Learned in 6 Months

Welcome to another edition of MiMi Speaks…
Where the baby sets the record straight!

So, I’ve been on this earth for six months tomorrow.
Mom says that she will be so busy the next 2 days that I’d better tell you all about my latest accomplishments now or else it may not happen.
She’s a crazy lady – somehow she has about 10 appointments planned in the next two days (play date lunch, basketball camp for my brother, dentist for my sister, hair appointments, baby music & piano lessons, and other appointments plus plan for a vacation).
But enough about my mom’s life … here’s what I’m doing:
I’d say my biggest accomplishment at 6 months is sitting up all by my little lone self.  I still lose my balance occasionally and topple over – probably due to the top heaviness of my gi-nor-mous head!
I love to squeal.  I don’t love rice cereal. 
I love watered down apple juice.  I don’t love finding myself alone. 
I love my jumperoo.  I don’t love being laid down on the floor. 
 I love holding toys and putting them in my mouth.  I don’t love when someone takes something away from me. 
 I love music.  I don’t love startling noises. 
I love warm bath water.  I don’t love cold pool water. 
I love my mommy, my daddy, my big brother, my big sister, and my cats.
I don’t love the noisy, hyper dog.
I love my “aunties”, my nursery workers, and Anna’s friends who play house with me!
I don’t love rice cereal – oh, wait, I said that already.  But I meant it.
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3 Responses to MiMi Speaks: What I Have Learned in 6 Months

  1. Oh Mimi, what a lovely little lady you have become. You must bring much joy to your family and have them all wrapped around your beautiful little finger 🙂

  2. melanie says:

    Take note, Mama, and ditch that rice cereal! 😉

  3. joy says:

    What a doll you are MiMi! And by the way, your head is perfect!

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