Vacation Update

When I anticipated and daydreamed about our week of vacation this year, this is what I envisioned:
We really only had one full day for just our little family – and that was Monday … but I was thankful to spend it doing things like this:

We stayed in a little cabin in a resort community … and there was a little creek with a nature trail following it.  On Monday, the day was ours alone – while the rest of our vacation was mainly centered around extended family who was also vacationing there.  I have to say Monday was my FAVORITE day!  I got to enjoy lots of this:

And most of all, I got to spend a whole blissful day like this:

The rest of our vacation was fun too in its own way … but my main objective was to re-connect with my family – focusing only on catching up with them – without the distraction of all that needs to be done at home, work, church, for other people, and the daily grind. 

My second favorite thing that happened was that on Thursday night my in-laws babysat ALL 3 children for a few hours!!  That hasn’t happened for us yet – ever.  And I thoroughly enjoyed having my husband all to myself!!   We often talk about having “date night” – but somehow we just can’t get it together to get a babysitter and go out, or we just don’t have the time or energy even on a weekend to make the effort to plan something.  I get so jealous that my husband’s time is so consumed helping others at work all day that he has nothing left for me when he gets home because he really is worn out … but I guess many a housewife has struggled with that.  He really is my very favorite person on this planet to be with – and I cherish our time together more than anything. 

We had a nice time connecting with my husband’s family as well. I like his siblings – and I’m blessed to have very nice parents- and siblings-in-laws whom I’ve always gotten along with.  We spent two full and long days at Silver Dollar City with Dan’s parents, 2 brothers, and their families.  I had fun riding some roller coasters – especially Powder Keg which Dan and I rode for the first time (and LOVED!).  We had some suppers together and got to catch up on each others’ lives.  It was great for our kids to get re-acquainted with their cousins. 

We did some “shopping” – mostly window-shopping – and ate out and though Miriam was way off schedule and did NOT sleep well for the most part, Dan did take care of the baby in the mornings and let me rest. 

From our budget aspect, we actually came home with money left over – PRAISE THE LORD! 
Some ways we were able to save money:
~we own a time share, and despite paying taxes & maintenance fees, we rather inexpensively get to have a 2 bedroom/2 bath place to stay for the week where we have a full kitchen so we can eat some meals there with food we bring from home.
~we were able to use gift certificates for meals out (“teacher” gifts my husband got from parents)
~we sat thru a 30 minute presentation from our time share company & got a $50 Visa card afterwards even though we did not choose to buy into their new program.  That was gas money!
~had a “picnic” outside the park on the days we went to Silver Dollar City (sandwiches, chips, cookies, our own drinks).  A true hobo-hillbilly experience!
~We also have season passes to SDC (our family Christmas gift) so we can go to the park as often as we like. 

That was our week … it flew by entirely too fast.  I had hoped to have more down time for swimming and just being in our little cabin and being lazy – but it’s ok.  It was a blessing to celebrate my in-laws 50th anniversary – and to see all Dan’s siblings and most of their families (4 of the 17 grandchildren were unable to come).  It was a reminder of how quickly time flies – how fast children grow up – and that we need to cherish every moment!

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  1. melanie says:

    Sounds like you've had a goood week! It always goes too fast when you're enjoying your time 😉 Hopefully you're not going home more worn out than before vacation! Yay for the budget surplus!

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