Lazy?!! Summer Days

“No rest for the wicked, and the righteous don’t need any” ??!
I think I got that quote right (Amy?)!  It’s from my Mitford series books, which BTW, my husband just found Light From Heaven at Goodwill for me!  I now have 9 Mitford books (is there more?  I need to look it up!).
Dan is working today as are many people from our staff and church as they are frantically trying to finish up an expansion program in our auditorium.
My summer agenda included him working LESS not more … but as usual, it turns out that summers are no more times of rest than winters.  And why should it be?  Life goes on – work goes on – the ministry goes on. 
[I shouldn’t be whining after our week of vacation & a day off on Monday – but somehow the after-effects of those days are already canceled out by the last 4 days and today.]
Thankfully I have 2 good helpers at home to make life at home easier on me.  Like this morning, Andrew “watched” the baby while I got a few things done:
And Miss M is getting more & more independent – see how she holds her sippy cup all by herself!:
And do you see her 2 “boo-boo’s” on her leg?  She had to get 3 shots on Thursday (the 3rd was on the other leg).
6 Month (belated) Well Baby Check Up (July 8):
weight – 17 lbs, 2 oz (75%)
height – 26 1/2 inches (75%!  last check it was 50th%)
head – still off the chart 🙂
Sitting up independently:  yep.
Using fingers – like scratching surfaces to “feel” them:  all the time.
saying consonants and blowing raspberries:  a-zzzza-boooo.
Watching items fall and looking for them:  yes.
Learning to play peek-a-boo:  yes!  love it!
putting EVERYTHING in her mouth:  watch out!
Rolling?  Only from her belly to her back –
but this is where her true independence is seen,
considering she HATES being on her belly, why would she roll over from her back to her belly?  So, she chooses NOT TO!
Diapers – about time to move into size 3!!  Thankfully we’ve used up almost ALL the size 2 & have a nice stock-pile of size 3 waiting.
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3 Responses to Lazy?!! Summer Days

  1. That girl is growing up way too fast!

  2. It is well says:

    Conny–I think I'm going to have to run to the nearest Mitford book I can find and look that one up…you got it right, except that I think it was "the righteous don't need none!" (an Uncle Billy quote, perhaps?)I always envision summer as being relaxing…and it really never is. It's still a lot of fun, though!

  3. Love how your son "watches" her! 🙂 It would be so nice to have some help watching my little one while I get things done. Of course he is much more mobile and it seems that as soon as I get one thing done, he has another mess all ready for me to clean up!

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