The Baby of the Family

I’m beginning to think this sweet little baby girl is just a WEE BIT spoiled!  I didn’t really realize it until the rest of her “staff” went away to camp for the week, leaving me to take care of all her needs and wants by myself!
She’s not a little girl who likes to be alone. 
Most recently, she’s also not a girl who likes to sleep for any extended periods of time!
I’m working on that … tonight I moved her out of her bassinet in my room and into the crib in Anna’s room.
Praying … praying … praying for a good night’s sleep! 
She sure has gotten BIG though, hasn’t she!!?
She’ll be 7 months old tomorrow.
Hard to believe.
And despite all the sleep-interrupting nights and whining for attention when I’m trying to do something besides give her my undivided attention, I am incredibly thankful to have her!
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2 Responses to The Baby of the Family

  1. No problem, you won't remember these nights, because you will be sleep deprived and only remember the GOOD things 🙂 I'm one of those that see GOOD, Drives my honey nuts! So GOOD to catch up on your family! REALLY! God Bless you all!

  2. melanie says:

    Yes, love those (that) babe(s)! But you will still love her when her solar system gets re-adjusted! ;-)Sweet dreams to both of you ♥

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