MiMi’s Week

Welcome to another edition of MiMi Speaks.
Where the baby sets the record straight.

This is a glimpse into my week:  I am enjoying various foods now … CARROTS are pretty good, except they leave a “carrot mustache”.  My FAVORITE is green beans though – they say my big brother was like that too.  He’d even take a green bean over a french fry when he was little.  He’s sure not like that any more!!  😉

This week our church has had a Missions Conference with meetings every night.
They also provided our meals every night!  It’s been fun getting lots of attention from my church friends while we eat together.
That’s my daddy and big sister (above) – I love my Big Sister (my bib said so!).
Here’s my brother (above) … and Travis, he’s practically my brother – we babysit him about three days a week.
All this Missions Conference-ing has left me pretty exhausted though.
This is how my mom found me in the nursery last night:
And I don’t even LIKE sleeping on my belly … I was just THAT tired.
Everyone says there is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby!
Why is that?  Is it because we are FINALLY being quiet?!
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2 Responses to MiMi’s Week

  1. It is well says:

    There IS nothing cuter than a sleeping baby!! Those last two photos prove it!

  2. melanie says:

    Good for you if you love green beans, Mimi! I had to encourage my babies to eat them with a little applesauce =) Now they're big and they all love green beans the best! Glad your mom had time to post today! =)

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