School Days! Golden Rule Days!

All the people from the HutchHaus went to school today!  

The first day of school is always exciting, especially when you have a new teacher!!
Anna is in 5th grade, & this is her teacher’s first year with us although she has many years of teaching experience under her belt already.
Andrew is in 7th grade … that’s considered Junior High at our school!!
There are several things that distinguish the Junior Highers from the elementary kids at our school:
1)  tennis shoes are no longer a part of your dress code.
2)  you get a LOCKER of your very own – hopefully one that doesn’t stick and that closes properly
3)  You get YOUR DAD as your teacher … well, ok, only a very few students get to experience that – but Andrew does this year (though actually, Dan’s taught elementary history & math before so this isn’t technically the FIRST EVER time).
Each year I say, “I can’t believe my kids are in …. grade!!” … and yeah, this year, I can’t believe it again.
Pretty soon I’ll be taking a picture of them standing in front of a college dorm and then maybe at a wedding altar and then in a hospital room with my baby grandchildren …
BUT until then, I am going to enjoy THIS school year – while they are in 5th & 7th grades.
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One Response to School Days! Golden Rule Days!

  1. Mrs. Doug says:

    Oh they do grow up so fast. I am astonished that my grandson is already in 3rd grade. It doesn't seem that long ago when I was changing his diapers. We had such a wonderful 5 weeks with him. I so hope he is able to come back next summer. What a change in his life, Conny. You just should have seen it. It would have encouraged your heart so much. God certainly is still a miracle working God! Not that I ever doubted it, but it is so encouraging to see in action the power of God changing lives.Please pray if you think of it, 'cause he really has no one around him to help him grow. We supplied him with "Keys for Kids" and a devotional written my Mrs. T She writes a summer devotional for our Patch Club kids. Your pictures make me wish I was teaching again instead of stuck at a desk selling paper products. This, however, is what God has me doing right now and I must be content. Thank you for sharing wonderful glimpses into your lives.God Bless!

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