If My Bathroom Could Talk …

In my desperate attempt to get my little house back under control, I am pretending that I am moving soon …
In our previous military life, we moved a lot. Sometimes within 6 months of arriving at a duty station, sometimes in 2 years, once I think we actually lived somewhere for 3 years!  We moved 7 times in 12 years.  I loved it.  I loved new places I’d never been, exploring the territory, and finding a new home to live in even though it was usually just a rental apartment or condo or base housing. 

Then our kids grew up, started school, and we decided it was best for us if we remained stable, in one location, and that Dan followed a call into a ministry he’d always wanted to pursue.

So here we are:  in the same house for 6 years!  In the same state for 9 years!  Moving was always a time of cleaning out, re-evaluating what we wanted to keep, and taking only what was important to us.  So, I am now going to go through my house, pretending we are moving.  I am cleaning out every room the best I can, cleaning it out as if a potential buyer was going to look at it.  It is absolutely daunting what 6 years of living accumulates and how hard deep down cleaning really is.  But it feels good. 

To make things more fun for myself and to motivate myself to start, I thought I’d blog about my progress. 
I started in my own bathroom the other day.  It’s funny that this cleaning out of a bathroom has actually turned into a walk down Memory Lane! 

This is how my linen closet looked when we first moved into this house.  I love how many linen closets this house has – 3!   Sadly, they are all now FULL to capacity. 

So much STUFF ..
So much MORE stuff.  I came across towels that I got for our wedding – almost 18 years ago!
I came across the hot rollers that I faithfully rolled my hair up in every day of high school, I think!
The rollers still work. 
I also once had a perm and used the diffuser to dry my hair … that was early 1990’s!
Can you tell what the above brown case that I found is??! 
It is an eye glasses case.  It is my Oma’s eye glass case!  My Oma died in 1990; I really don’t know WHY I have her case, but I do.  The cleaning cloth has the address of her optometrist on it – in Frankfurt, Germany!
The little slip of paper is a phone number, written in my Oma’s precious handwriting.
Deep in the recesses of my bathroom cabinets were these things:  a travel iron, an electrical outlet adapter kit, and a foreign travel outlet adapter (still in its package).
We used to travel. a lot.  All over Europe, all over the Western U.S., all over the Eastern U.S. because of all the places we were stationed with the Army.
We used to buy souvenirs like this olive oil & honey soap that I got in Sani, Greece that I came across!
I found these sea-sickness bands that I used while on a cruise from Ft. Lauderdale to the Bahamas.
(They didn’t help!!  Granted I was 6 months pregnant with Anna on that cruise!)
It was a lot of fun to travel, experience new places, and move a lot – courtesy of the U.S. Army; however, I found the one thing that now represents that life:
This is Dan’s travel kit … I found it stuffed way back under the sink of the bathroom.  It is all dusty and moldy.
I threw it away.

I didn’t share that because I want anyone to feel sorry for me or to commend me for all I’ve given up to live in the middle-of-no-where, Missouri to do what we do now.  It is just a statement of fact.  I enjoy my life now – as Dan often says, “These are the best days of our lives.”  Our kids are growing up happy and in a great school and with a wonderful church, surrounded by friends – some of whom they will remember as having been there with them from their earliest memories.  It is worth it. 

I am thankful for the memories of our Army days, the opportunities we were afforded – but in the light of eternity, what we are doing NOW and where we are NOW matter so much more!  🙂

I’m not sure when I will tackle my bedroom or the rest of the house.  It’s a lot of work – and for me, it is more than just cleaning house.  It is a cleaning out of my mind and soul and memories.  Thank you for sharing them with me.

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3 Responses to If My Bathroom Could Talk …

  1. It is amazing how much stuff we collect in a short amount of time! I try to do a thorough spring cleaning each year and get rid of "stuff" too.

  2. melanie says:

    This should inspire me to work on more purging and organizing here… The only bath with shelves in the closet (so far) is the master bath. There are some memories waiting to be stored or purged ~ such as the Popper's arm sling and brace from her broken arm in 2007.It's in the back of my mind to let my 10yo use his love for tools to cut a few pieces of wood for the supports and his drill to mount them… Tim already cut the shelves for two closets in/by the basement bath. Maybe Saturday or next week? Right now I need a nap after reading to the kids –and not sleeping well last night.(can you tell I ramble on in comments when I'm tired?) ;-)So, what I mean to say is, GO Girl! Do it when you don't have the pressure of an actual move clouding your thinking =)… and if I'd known you had a travel iron…

  3. I loved walking down memory lane with you!!!! I recently did that with our move!

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