MiMi Speaks: 9 Months!

Welcome to another edition of MiMi Speaks …
Where the baby sets the record straight:

I have now been outside the womb longer than I was inside.
Here’s a picture of ME on the inside a year ago (ok, it’s a picture of my Mommy – but I was making my presence known!):
Just look at me NOW:

I now weigh 18 lbs and 14 oz.  I’m 27  1/2 inches!
[I’m back in the 50th percentile – except my HEAD continues to be off the top of the charts.  The doctor even measured Mommy’s head and wants the measurement of Daddy’s head just for comparison sakes; though as smart as I am, she is SURE I’m just fine.]

I got my finger pricked to check my iron levels (and they are A-okay – hemoglobin level of 11).
The band-aid was pretty fun to play with!!

Though I refuse to crawl, roll around very much, or move too far from one place,
I’m meeting these so-called “milestones of development” for my age.
I can say “da-da” however I still say “ma-ma” more often!  Mommy’s my FAVORITE – I feel like crying when she leaves the room – well, ok, I do CRY whenever she leaves the room.
I even have 1 and a half teeth (the second is going to pop through any time now!).  I have beaten both my siblings on this one – neither of them had any teeth til they were a year old.  Ha.
I also have more hair than they both had COMBINED.  🙂
I can use my fingers as pinchers.  I can feed myself my puffs and other yummy foods like cut-up green beans.
I am just about to wave – and I am understanding this concept of clapping (pat-a-cake).
I can click my tongue, and I can blow raspberries.  I love it when people click & blow with me!! 🙂
Some of my other FAVORITES:
Daddy, Andrew, and Anna.
Music, singing, humming.
the cats (which we call “Mietze Katze”-to appease my Oma’s desire to teach me SOME German).
applesauce, whole-grain puffs, rice rusk baby mum-mums, and yogurt juice.
board books (they are tasty!)
This is ME enjoying my yogurt juice … I’ve gotten smarter than that silly camera my mother is forever sticking in my face.  When I hear it turn on (it makes a lovely noise!), I already close my eyes because I know that mean, ol’, blinding FLASH is coming.
See, my big head is just full of BRAINS!!  🙂
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