Road Trip!

 Miriam was on the road again this weekend … this time she took us north to Iowa.

On Saturday morning, we drove about 5 hours to Oskaloosa, Iowa to see Dan’s grandparents.
They are doing pretty well for being 88 years old!

 This is the first time that Miriam has met her Great Grandmother Hutch—–.   She was married to Dan’s grandpa for 40-something years until he died in 1986.  In 1987, she married her husband’s recently widowed brother – so Dan’s “grandpa” is also his great-uncle.  Grandma has been married to a Hutch—– for over 60 years now. 

 On Sunday we went to church with Dan’s grandparents and then after lunch at the church, we visited with them until 3 p.m.  Then we decided to head south again – towards home – but not quite to home.   We just weren’t ready to go home – we were having too much fun as a family – and we just really needed one more day together before we stepped back into the crazy-busy schedule that is now facing us until Christmas break. 

 We stopped in a city called Macon in northern Missouri.  We checked into a hotel with an indoor pool, which our kids practically had to themselves so they swam and played for over 2 hours!  
We relaxed in the comfy beds and enjoyed a nice, hot breakfast in the morning.  Sadly, Miriam has totally taken advantage of the fact that we couldn’t really let her cry it out while in hotels, so she has been waking up 2-4 time a night(!!!).  She’s also cutting a second tooth, her nose is all runny, and she is somewhat miserable.  😦  Thankfully, I brought the Infant Motrin and the Hyland’s teething tablets.

Lack of sleep didn’t prevent us from stopping at the mall in Columbia, MO to walk around for a while.  Since the mall is so far away from us, that’s always a treat.  Actually, we spent more time in the Barnes & Noble and Target stores attached to the mall.  🙂 

We also hit not one, not two, but three Goodwill stores during our weekend “get-away”:  one in Jefferson City in Missouri, one in Ottumwa (Iowa) on the way to Oskaloosa – and the one in Oskaloosa.  We found GREAT books (Anna got 8 American Girl books she didn’t have yet for 89 cents each) – and for a change, I actually found 2 tops and a sweater for ME.  🙂

In the end, aside from the hotels (we stayed in one in Oskaloosa as well), we didn’t really end up having too expensive of a get-away.  We made the entire trip on 2 tanks of gas – and only had to really buy 3 meals for our family. 

The craziness begins this week with our school’s first ballgames on Friday – and before that our Wednesday night children’s choir will be singing for church and having a party.  Besides that, we have our usual piano lessons and of course, SCHOOL.  🙂 

Have a great week!

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  1. melanie says:

    So glad you had such a great weekend with the family! ♥I hope Miriam buckled up before she put the van in gear… It's the Law, ya know 😉

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