Continuing on the Music Theme…

 Tonight our Patch the Pirate Club (Children’s Choir) sang for the mid-week service at church.  There is nothing sweeter than the voices of 45 children singing songs of praise!  🙂  Andrew & Anna both have been attending this “club” since they were 4 years old – Andrew is now too old to attend, but he still enjoys the songs, stories, and devotion book vicariously through his sister.  Dan and I have been helping with the kids since we started up the group at our church in August of 2002.

Anna (in the middle) had a speaking part this time around.  She had the least amount of lines, but she said them with the most enthusiasm!  🙂

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2 Responses to Continuing on the Music Theme…

  1. melanie says:

    We had a Patch Club when we lived in Wisc =) I remember sewing black skirts for the two girls. We still have a couple red sashes floating around here. And I think the oldest finally gave up her old devotion books during this summer's move. Good stuff, but… 😉

  2. Mrs. Doug says:

    It is soooo fun to see the Patch Club perform. We had our first program on Sunday afternoon Oct. 3.The first Sunday of the month we have morning service, then a potluck lunch and then an early evening service. In the winter we do this all the time to save on heat cost. I really love these times of fellowship. The children from the Patch Club have their perfomances at some of these afternoon services. Our group is much smaller, but we still have about 10-12 young people. When they "graduate" some of the older youth help now with the club. Hearing memory verses and checking books. They also help with the performances. We have a lady in our church who writes a devotional that the children carry on through the summer. I gave one of these to my grandson this summer to do… he loved it. I so wish he lived closer so he could go to Patch Club.

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