Ode to Night II (The Sequel)

I am a night owl … most of the time.  I do like to sleep however.  Apparently, I have a daughter who doesn’t. 

I’m ok with her waking once – when it around midnight as per usual.  Last night, I turned on her lullaby CD at midnight when she started fussing – and she barely made any more noise at all!!  I thought FOR SURE I’d have a good night’s sleep as I crawled into my bed at 12:15 (SIDE NOTE:  does anyone else think it sounds a little funny that we say CRAWL into bed??!?!  My imagination runs silly with that thought). 

Alas, it was not meant to be.  At 2 a.m. the phone rings.  Middle-of-the-night phone calls like that always scare me … my first thought is “WHO DIED?!” or “WHO JUST HAD A HEART ATTACK??!”. Middle-of-the-night phone calls rarely bring good news – occasionally, they might be a prank call – but otherwise, they are not pleasant by any means. 

I have caller ID, so I immediately checked it.  The number was weird … at first I thought it was Dan’s parents … but even in my fog of sleep, I did realize it was not.  The name was “UNAVAILABLE” so I was a little puzzled. 

I have my answering machine set to answer on the 3rd ring, so we didn’t have to endure too much suspence.  I wasn’t going to answer the phone – I wasn’t even coherent enough to formulate words to answer the phone.  With both phones downstairs ringing out and echo’ing each other though, everything seemed REALLY LOUD.  Even the voice that came on my answering maching seemed just a little abrasive. 

It was the sweet, cheerful voice of my aunt (my biological father’s sister), calling me from GERMANY.  Apparently, she forgot there was a 7 hour time difference!!  She greeted the machine with a happy GUTEN MORGEN  and said something (in German) about us apparently not being home and she’d try to call back later  I called her back just a little while ago, and we had a good laugh about the whole thing.

I didn’t tell her that the whole “phone ringing, answering machine talking” woke up Miriam.  The baby must be a very light sleeper because the door to her room was closed.  She immediately started screaming.  I was too tired to listen to her, so I nursed her back to sleep and went back to bed hoping to sleep a long time.

Thanks to my husband thinking Miriam was fussing at 5 a.m. – and him somehow NOT remembering the whole phone ringing episode at 2 a.m. brought the baby to me instead of letting her fuss … I tried to be gracious – so I didn’t speak at all.  I just took the baby – nursed her again – and put her down in the bassinet in our room.  She didn’t like that – and started fussing (again).  Dan came in – I have no idea what he is thinking – and picked her up and handed her to me?!?!!  I found my voice:  I said something like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!!” 

It was one of those moments where I almost feel sorry for my husband.  He absolutely had NO IDEA why I was so upset.  He just said, “I was handing you the baby so you wouldn’t have to get out of bed.  I was trying to help.”  How can you be mad about that?   Bless his heart …

I finally got the child to sleep, laid her down, and got up to begin my day – way too early and on way too few hours of sleep.  Well, so I thought.  I attempted to start – and fell asleep again!!  It’s a good thing.  My coffee maker in on the fritz. It will only make about 1/4 a cup of coffee in 30 minutes’ time.  I have cleaned it out with vinegar a few times, but I do believe it’s about to give up its ghost. 

I hate being dependent on caffeine (the Christian’s drug of choice, as some judgmental people will call it!! LOL), but with my sleep schedule, I need the all the help I can get. 

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