Consignment Shopping Makes Me Cry

I believe God is real.  I believe He is personal.  I believe He cares even about the littlest details of our lives.  I wasn’t always so sure that He was so concerned about the nit-noid material things we as humans tend to be so concerned about … but as time goes by, and I learn more about His character, I am beginning to see how much He loves us – and how He, as a Heavenly Father, wants to occasionally bless us with little joys along our journey.
Here is one reason why I believe this:
Because Miriam never really had a “nursery”, we never really got her any matchy-matchy bedding.  We were given a gorgeous crib which M started sleeping in at about 7 months – but we decided to forgo the usual bed skirt, bumper, and all that.
HOWEVER, a few days ago, I wrote that I was adding “find a crib bumper” to my TO DO list since Miriam was waking up because she was sticking her legs out between the slats of her crib.  I kind of half-prayed, half-thought about what kind of crib bumper I’d like to have.  I had seen some at the Goodwill in passing – they were ones I didn’t really care for … outdated patterns or with cartoon characters I didn’t really like on them.
After deciding that at this point, Miss M really NEEDED one though – I was going to settle.  I was going to buy the first crib bumper I could find – and I was thinking somewhere between $7-9 was my budget.  I didn’t really care any more if it was stylish or matched the room decor or whatever.  I just needed to get one SOON.
Today I went to several consignment shops with a friend of mine.
At a resale store, I remembered I wanted to find a crib bumper.
And I actually found one I really liked – that actually matched the room (and Anna’s) decor somewhat.
Here it is:
There was a catch though.
The consignor had put the bumper up for sale as part of a set to include the comforter, bed skirt, crib sheet, AND the bumper.  I hadn’t really considered any of the other items since I didn’t *NEED* them.
AND the price was $17 for the set.
It WAS a really cute set though …
After some thought, I DECIDED TO SPLURGE.  I mean $17 wasn’t going to break the bank, even though it wasn’t really what I wanted to spend …

And so, I took the “set” up to the cashier.
First of all, she told me that the crib sheet, though a match to the set, was from an entirely different consignor – and it was $4 extra.  So, that was easy – I told her I didn’t want the sheet.
THEN she looked at the tag to the set & said, “OH, this set is HALF OFF.”
Which means I paid $8.50!
I immediately remembered my half-prayer, half-thought – and tears came to my eyes.  I don’t think the lady at the cash register could quite understand why I was about to cry – I said to my friend, “I am going to have a little praise moment now,”  and since she knew my story, she was just smiling too … To the cashier I mumbled something about how much that $8.50 meant to me even though it didn’t seem like much – and she was gracious enough to say she understood.
But I don’t think she could understand – because right before my very eyes, GOD had not only given me what I wanted (a CUTE crib bumper for my baby’s bed) – but He had done exceedingly more by adding the CUTE bed skirt & comforter for the very price range that I had hoped for!!

And not only that … but long story made even longer:  I had to get dropped off at school/church by my friend (who was driving her vehicle) after shopping because our one car is in the shop, & Dan had our other vehicle but had to be at school late for parent-teacher conferences tonight – and I was going to help in the office during that time … so my friend took my purchases home with her, & I said I’d pick them up later since she lives near by.

When I went to pick up my stuff later, there was an extra bag:  while I was busy crying over my crib bumper set at the consignment shop and blubbering and contemplating God’s special little blessing, she had snuck the matching crib sheet in with her stuff and had bought it for Miriam. 

You might say all that is coincidence or a lovely story of good luck … but to me, it is SO MUCH MORE.  It is God’s personal, loving, gracious PROVISION. 

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2 Responses to Consignment Shopping Makes Me Cry

  1. Mrs. Doug says:

    What a blessing! OK now you have me blubbering too! How am I going to explain that to others in the office this morning? Thank you so for sharing this wonderful blessing with us.AND… the bumper pad is a cute one too!

  2. melanie says:

    Ahhh ♥ I'm having a little eye-wash here too!God is so good!

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