10 Month Update

 Baby M is now 10 months old.  Her personality is starting to come out – to include a glimpse of a TEMPER!!?  This is one girl who doesn’t like to be left alone or to have to entertain herself.  She’s got a shriek that will raise the hair on the back of your neck!  Right now she is a total momma’s girl – but will settle for Daddy, a sibling, or a nursery worker as long as Mom isn’t in sight. 

 But overall, she’s a sweetheart.  Her smile will melt your heart – and she has her own way of telling a good joke and laughing at herself.  She knows she’s supposed to ham it up for the camera!!

She is working on tooth #2 and just today I saw a glimpse of a potential tooth on her top gums.  No wonder she’s been doing more shrieking lately! 

Other milestones:  Miriam has learned to clap and cheer for herself (“yaaaaaaaaa-ah”)!  She wants nothing more than to STAND UP as much as possible; she just started cruising the furniture.  She doesn’t crawl, but she gets around somehow while sitting up by turning in circles on her bottom.

We also finally came to ourselves & started reading to her – remembering that we started board books much earlier with our first two children.

One thing Miriam loves is going for a walk in the stroller, and she also is really good in a shopping cart (which hopefully is a sign that she’ll be a GOOD shopper!!).  🙂  Basically, if there is action and people to look at, she’s fine.  If she’s left to her own devices, she is NOT too happy. 
High maintenance??  Just a little bit! 

Despite some trying moments these days, just M’s constant need for ATTENTION, we are just so incredibly thankful for each day with our littlest girl.  And now that she has slept THROUGH THE NIGHT for 2 nights straight (no middle-of-the-night crying jags!), we think we’ll keep her!  😉 

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3 Responses to 10 Month Update

  1. melanie says:

    YAY!!! for sleep! =)

  2. It is well says:

    Hmmm…could you have given birth to an extrovert?!? 🙂

  3. joy says:

    Oh my! So cute! Those colors are just fantastic on her.Give her little head a sniff for me!

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