Happy Thanksgiving TO YOU!

On facebook, I recently shared that my beloved Braun coffee maker was on its last leg … I’m so sad.  I’m also so tired since I’m currently drinking instant coffee each morning (bleck!!).  I’m mostly sad that I’m this dependent on COFFEE – but I also think God made the coffee bean so it can’t be all that bad?!  There are supposedly health benefits for coffee drinkers, and I’m just trying to reap those.  🙂

Anyhoo … the other day, I get this email from CSN stores, which is where I won a $50 gift and got my office chair.  (Stay with me all this WILL come together:  coffee maker, CSN stores, Thanksgiving).
By the way, CSN stores have SO MANY options for **STUFF** – everything from barstools to baby stuff!

They were offering me ONE of two options:
1)  to review one of their products from one of their 200 stores (which would include me possibly reviewing a COFFEE MAKER which I get to keep) … OR
2)  to give away a $45 gift certificate to their many stores to my readers. 

WELL, since I’m focusing on Thanksgiving – and being grateful, I was thinking about how grateful I was for the 2 or 3 of you who faithfully share my life and my ramblings and give me feedback on my futile attempts to write.  And so, I chose the give away.  It will happen in NOVEMBER! 

Just in time for Thanksgiving, I hope to give away a $45 gift certificate/code to be used at http://www.cookware.com/!!  🙂   

For example, right now Paula Deen’s cookware is on sale – like this pan for $39.95:

Cookware.com also has other “brands” like Rachael Ray, LeCreuset, Pfalzgraf, Calphalon, etc etc etc!! 

I’m so excited about this opportunity!  Happy (early) Thanksgiving!!  Stay tuned for more details once I finalize everything!!

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2 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving TO YOU!

  1. Mrs. Doug says:

    Yea! A giveaway. I'll be looking for more news in November as well as getting started with my "30 Days of Thanks."Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. joy says:

    You passed up on the coffee maker! LOL. You are such a sweet soul.I got a big LOL out of you joking about your 2 or 3 readers out there. I have always thought the same thing and have never wanted to add the "followers" widget to my sidebar because I would be so afraid that I had about 2 readers! Can't wait to read about your give-away later!

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