In a Cavern … In a Canyon …

On Monday, I drove the van for Anna’s 5th grade class to go on a field trip to Meramec Cavern in Stanton, MO – about a good hour’s drive from our school.

BTW, did you know that Missouri – though most known as the “Show-Me State” – is also known as the “Cave State”?  Yep, it is. 

At the cavern, the children first had a class about rocks and minerals – and what the difference is (but don’t ask me because I was too busy entertaining Miriam to gain any knowledge!).  And then after this, we entered the cavern, which consists of a nicely paved mile and a half of walkways – though no strollers are allowed.  Thankfully, several of the adults helped me carry Miriam and the diaper bag so that I wouldn’t suffer from muscle fatigue!  Especially when she took about a half hour nap during some of the walking tour.

 We learned lots of interesting facts about the cavern.  One was that it was a source of saltpeter, which is used in gun powder.  In fact, Union troops had a gun powder factory set up here underground during the Civil War.

 There were light shows and a shallow “river” to see …

 And of course, LASSIE:

 BECAUSE two episodes of the t.v. show LASSIE were filmed at Meramec Cavern in 1966!!  (A version of TOM SAWYER was also filmed here at one time – where Tom & Huck discover gold …)

Seems like all kinds of folks like hanging out in caves.

Like outlaws Frank & Jesse James who were rumored to have entered the cavern to escape their pursuers – and found a back exit to the cavern to escape to safety … at least for a short while.  They also supposedly used the cavern as a hide-out at other times as well.

It was quite an educational, enlightening, and EXHAUSTING (LOL) day!  🙂

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  1. Mrs. Doug says:

    Looks like the fellas may have been fossilized rather than finding a way out *hee hee*You won't find me spelunking any time soon. I guess everyone has their thing but I'm petrified of caves *hee hee* I like to breathe.Mr. D used to take the youth group to some caves in Plymouth, VT… these are the "real thing" not lit up with any lights. I was always afraid he'd lose someone in there. Some of the spots were quite small to get through and the place was inhabited by bats… not Lassie 🙂 Trouble is… bat guano stinks. He'd come back with this group of kids all smudged with bat droppings…. YUK!I'll do many gross things. I'll clean out the barn, or the chicken coop but I draw the line at caving.We have some caves near us in Plymouth, NH… Polar Caves. I lived around here when I was a kid and now I'm back, but after all those 40+/- years we have never visited Polar Caves :)Your "braver" than me!Hope you're rested up now.Mrs. D

  2. melanie says:

    Looks like you had a great day! =)

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