30 Days of Thanks – 2010 (Day 1)

Last November (actually in late October), I came up with the idea to celebrate “30 Days of Thanks” from November 1-30.  I just wanted to remind myself all month long, in preparing for Thanksgiving, that really we should be grateful FOR EVERY DAY.  Granted, last November I had a lot to be thankful for:  I was expecting a “bonus blessing” baby girl, and I was about to be able to quit my job to go back to being a SAHM, which is all I ever really wanted to do.  And yet, as life goes, there are always those “bad days” that can get you down – and believe me, I’m one of those when I get down, I can get waaaaaaaaay down.  I am not really an optimist!  :-/  (That’s my husband’s job.)  😉

So anyway, as I planned this for MYSELF, I wondered if others might feel the same way (that there is always, always, always something to be thankful for!), especially if you know the Lord!  And so I opened my idea to others, and I was pleasantly surprised that several joined me last year!  I hope I can have some co-praisers again this year.  (I’ll add a Mr. Linky if you’d like to join in – even if you can’t post every day…I’d still love to be hear from you!). 

OH – and there will be a GIVE AWAY some time this month to THANK YOU for putting up with reading my blog – (sooner rather than later, me thinks – $45 to spend at CSN store’s cooking website!!). 
Today, I am just thinking about those things we take for granted:

health, food, a home, clothes, family, friends, church.

And here in America, we are so blessed – beyond what we deserve (and may God grant us mercy that we will continue to seek HIM for the future of this nation!!). 

Not only do we have enough food, we have the ability to have DELICIOUS FOOD readily available, probably in excess sometimes!!  We have healthy food too – abundant fruits and vegetables. 

We have climate-controlled homes.  Our a/c went out for a day in back in May (I think?) and I about DIED … and it wasn’t even mid-summer yet!!  We are so spoiled!!  We can crank up the heat or cool it down, depending on our whims. 

We are able to clothes ourselves so easily in this land.  Even though I shop at Goodwill more often than not, I have plenty of “nice” clothes.  While I am not the most fashion forward person, I tend to hope that I’m not frumpy either!!  :-O  At least I hope not.  We have closets full of CLOTHES for every season – it is such a blessing!!

I have a wonderful family – and while one or the other may take turns driving me a little CrAzY at different times, I know what I have.  My husband is a good man; I don’t deserve him – and yet, he’s mine.  I was once told I had about a 30% chance of ever having children … and I have 3 (and one in heaven)!  More than I ever imagined or hoped for!  My extended family is overall pretty decent too – there are your usual black sheep and family dramas, but I get along with most of them. 

While I am becoming more of a reclusive homebody as I get older (and tired-er), I have a few good friends whom I know will ALWAYS be there for me – they are TRUE friends.  I trust them completely.  They are tried and true.

And my church is a place where saved sinners gather each week … We are “fed” the Word of God consistently, if we but only receive it with an open heart.  We have the freedom to worship … without persecution.  What a blessing.  🙂 

I am thankful.

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