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The way I met several of the ladies who are participating in my “30 Days of Thanks” is through a mom/review group called Mama Buzz.  Recently, I applied to be a contributor to Mama Buzz’s website … and I was accepted (truly, I think they’d accept anyone who can formulate a paragraph and use proper grammar!!).  But there I am – right there the last contributor on the listing page!  I’m so nervous now; my first post will be “live” on November 4th (my oldest daughter’s 10th birthday, by the way!). 

So, WHAT WAS I THINKING!!?  Well, I so much would love to be a writer, and yet I know I’m not anything special.  I still need a lot of help and suggestions and ideas.  So, I’m putting myself out there, just a woman who wants to share something that is on her heart … but man, that is SCARY!!  What if those who read my article hate it or find it unreal – or worse, what if NO ONE reads it … or WHAT IF, WHAT IF, WHAT IF. 

It is kind of like my pastor once explained, talking about when he was called to preach:  he said that he knew he HAD TO PREACH and if no church ever called him to be their pastor, he was still determined to preach, whether on a street corner, in a jail, or to his friends and family.  He just knew he wanted to preach God’s Word.  I just want to WRITE and am thankful for this opportunity, humble as it may be.

So, anyway, ENOUGH about me … Mama Buzz is currently running some AWESOME give-aways for the holidays!!  BIG TIME prizes from the likes of Taste of Home and Paula Deen and Bosch (another quality company originating in Germany – hee hee) and so many more!  There is also a recipe exchange going on.  Check it out if you have some time. 

And I’ll share my Mama Buzz article with you all when it comes out … maybe … if you promise not to laugh!!  😉 

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  1. melanie says:

    Wowsa ~ that's tomorrow! =) Blessings to you, Conny ♥

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