MiMi Speaks: It’s Been a While…

Back by Popular Demand
(well, not really, but that sounded like a good intro…)
MiMi Speaks:
Where the Baby Sets the Record Straight

 Hey, hey you!  Yes, YOU … I’m talking to you. 

I gotta tell you, my mom is in denial, but I’m growing up.  I’m getting independent.  So, no, I can’t crawl yet, but I get around. 

 I can stand all on my own (with a little help)…

 I just need to take a little break every now and then.

   I know what I like … and its not this thing on my head … even if EVERYONE has said it is so cute …

 but I know … I don’t need accessories to make me cute.  I already am – just the way God made me.

P.S.  My mom’s first Mama Bzz article is up … you can read it here.
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  1. She's getting so big! I love that first picture of her pointing right at the camera. Too cute!

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