30 Days of Thanks (Day 7)

Ever since we started the cash-only “envelope system” back in April of this year, we have been so much more aware of our finances … and so much more aware of how very dependent we are on GOD.  We have also seen how often God just flat-out blesses us with something we didn’t really NEED but just kind of WANTED.
Honestly, we haven’t always been THE MOST frugal people ever.  There were days we overspent, and there was a time or two we REALLY needed a bail-out … and God provided one (or two). 
BUT all in all, it’s been amazing.  I’ve been stingy in wanting to give to others some days; then other day days I got a little angry because we’re tied down to this budget; and sometimes I made bad financial decisions & didn’t care for a while … but in the end, at this point, I’m just so THANKFUL for God’s provision despite my struggles.
Here’s yet ANOTHER example of what I believe is God’s personal blessing and interest in my petty, human, silly little desires:
Do you remember this cap (picture above) that I posted about on Friday? We saw it at an antique mall for $15.  I did NOT buy it.

 This is Miriam on SATURDAY, sitting on MY bed in HER new cap!  I went to a Christmas Craft Bazaar with a friend – and a lady was selling these caps … and she had about 3 left for $8 each.  Yes, I did buy one (flower was included!). 

AND Miriam actually kept it on her head for at least half an hour!!  I just slipped it on and immediately distracted her.  It is such a soft, stretchy material that she didn’t even notice she had a cap on!  🙂 And having her keep something on her head without pulling it off immediately these days is something else to be thankful for.  😉

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