30 Days of THanks (Day 8)

I’ve hit my first not-so-thankful wall … 😦 
HOWEVER, I’m determined to overcome!  🙂

I had somewhat of an emotional weekend.  Basically, I think I was just over-tired, and my sinuses were KILLING ME, and I just wanted to stay in bed.  But I couldn’t.  There was a mile-long list of things to do, most of which meant being separated from my husband.  I don’t function well without him.  I mean, I do fine all week; I’m pretty independent … but when I’m ready for a break or a good vent, I need him.

SO, today I’m just gonna say I am SO thankful for a good marriage.  We’ve had some redefining ups and downs, but we’re currently stuck in the UP – and I hope we stay there.  It has taken some work on both our parts and love and understanding … but I’m thankful he’s been willing to stick with me and TRY to understand me and mostly, to love me unconditionally.  Forever, for always, no matter what.*

*kind of funny/cute story:  in a rough patch of marriage, I gave Dan a little embroidered pillow that said, “Forever, for always, no matter what”.  And when I gave it to him, he reads it & says, “Has it come to this?”

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