Cute as a Button

I am official…I now have my very own blog button!!  🙂

When I first starting this blogging thing, I was just going to do it for myself … I saw people had “buttons,” but I thought it was somewhat like Junior High School with its friendship pins or like the current silly bands that my 5th grade daughter and her friends collect.  It wasn’t something I was going to worry about … besides I didn’t want to be the girl who didn’t get any buttons or something like that!! :-/

But as time went by, I wanted a button.  I wanted to be like the bloggers who had a button; I wanted to feel like I was young again (oh, wait, not really!).  And now I have a button!  🙂  It’s in my sidebar; if you do the button thing, feel free to grab it!  🙂  If you don’t do the button thing, good for you for not being swayed by the mainstream!  😉

PS  If you have a button, I want to add it to my blog.  Leave me a comment & let me know!  🙂

OH and if you want a button too, check out JENNIFER – at The Days of a SAHM.  She made my button FOR FREE.  She just made about 100,000 buttons and blog headers for a ga-billion bloggers, but I bet she’d make one more for YOU! 

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