30 Days of Thanks (Day 10)

Well, today I’m thankful that I am a stay-at-home mom!  Anna has had a low-grade fever since yesterday, and I’m glad we can just stay home today & let her rest.  I don’t take this for granted.

I worked part or full time from the time Anna started K-4 at our Christian school.  I worked in the office there, so at least I was near my children (and husband) every day!  If I was going to have to work, that was the best place for me.  But especially during the 3 years that I worked full-time, when my children were ill, it was always hard to figure out what to do with them.  Often they had to lie down in the copier room off my office or on the seats in my husband’s office.  It certainly wasn’t ideal, but it was just the way things were.  And some of that was my own fault because I didn’t want to bother someone else to do my job for me while I took my sick child home.  I almost regret being that stubborn now! 

In any case, it is so much nicer that my kids can now rest on the couch at home, be near the fridge/kitchen for all the sicky-foods and beverages they want, and can get some individual TLC.  🙂 

I am thankful my kids are actually very healthy over all.  When we do have an occasional long night due to an illness, I often think of the parents of chronically ill children who are up night after night – who seldom sleep well – who are taking care of a sick child constantly.  I can only think that God must have special grace for them to endure something like that.  I can’t imagine my child having cancer or leukemia or some other disease that requires so much medical attention and round-the-clock care.  My heart goes out to those who have to go through something like that.  

What a blessing good health is!

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  1. Knowing a couple young kids with cancer and losing my brother to cancer at age 19 always reminds me to be thankful for our good health. I can't imagine going through what my and other's parents go through watching their kids and not being able to make them feel better. Hope Anna feels better soon!

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