30 Days of Thanks (Day 15)

I used to dread Mondays (especially when I was in school or working) … and in a way, I still don’t really like seeing my family go back to the daily routine without me especially after a fun or relaxing weekend … but then I “listen” to the silence of the house (aside from Miriam’s squawks and squeeks), and it’s okay.  Routine can be good, especially for someone like me who needs structure and predictability.  I revive on the quiet, especially when Miriam is taking her nap(s); it is kind of nice to be alone for a while. 

I try not to “dread” or wish away ANY day any more.  In high school, I thought I’d be content “if only” I could get away from home.  In college, I couldn’t wait to graduate.  Then it was “if only I could get married,” then life would be complete.  Then came “if only I could have a baby…” and then “if only I could get a job” and then it went full circle again to “if only I could have another baby…” then I’d be happy.  I wasted a lot of time wishing days away instead of being thankful.

And so, I don’t wish away my days or situations too much any more.  Each day, each trial, each interruption is directed by a God that knows exactly what I need when I need it.  That doesn’t mean that there are days that I am glad to get through and hard situations that I want to be over, but often, I see later there was a purpose or a lesson in that day – often times, not for my own sake but perhaps sometimes for someone else instead.  Many times I just need to learn something, and some times I just need to STOP and be thankful for my life now
Today, I am thankful for Monday. 

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