30 Days of Thanks (Day 16)

What I am thankful for today, I can’t even take a picture of.  It is a scent that is the very essence of the word COZY.  Well, I can show you what produces this heavenly, peaceful smell:

Johnson's Bedtime Cream Wash, 15-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 4)
I will only & forever use this product for as long as Miriam is a baby … (did that sentence make sense?!  LOL I’m just that in love with this stuff!!)
It is supposed to calm & relax the baby which is why it is supposed to be an ideal bedtime wash.  I don’t know how it does it – but last night, my squiggly, wanting-to-move little baby girl sat in my lap for at least half an hour while I scanned my favorite blogs and listened to lullabies on pandora.com
and she just sat there, humming, patting my arm or hers, sighing contently, kicking her little legs, snuggling into me, warm, cozy, sweet-smelling…
I cherish those moments of baby jammies and damp, just-washed wisps of fine hair because all too soon, my baby will be grown.
One advantage I have an “older” mother is that I’ve been through this twice already – I know how fast the time goes by.  My son is almost (and probably already so, but I’m in denial) as tall as me … soon to be taller.  My oldest daughter isn’t far behind…
And just “yesterday,” they were both that jammie-clad, soft, warm, cuddly, sweet-smelling baby.  I guess one day I’ll have grandkids, and perhaps I’ll experience this again, but for now, I am so THANKFUL that I got to have this baby of my very own just one more time.  Thank God for second – and third – chances!
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  1. melanie says:

    Love those sweet baby smells =)

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