30 Days of Thanks (Day 17)

I’ve had my share of appliance problems recently … Starting back in early 2009, my previous dishwasher left a gaping hole in my heart and my kitchen.  Thankfully, the issue was resolved because Fridgidaire manned up to their inferior product that died a few months AFTER the warranty ran out and gave me back 70% of the original price I paid!! 

My coffee maker died a while back too … I’m okay with its clearance-priced replacement, though it totally let me down one night while we had people over for dinner!!  I had pre-set the timer to have dessert decaf coffee ready by 6:45 p.m. – and the crazy thing totally OVERFLOWED all over my kitchen.  I think the carafe wasn’t set on the burner correctly … but what a mess!! 

So, again, I’m having dishwasher woes 😦  My beloved Kenmore that replaced my not-so-beloved Fridgidaire has a problem.  I think it stems from my daughter stepping on the open door for leverage (since emptying the d/w is her job), but she “doesn’t remember” ever doing such a thing.  In any case, the door latch no longer works right & if you don’t shut the door just so, it leaks 😦  The door also has no more holding power when its open which causes the bottom rack to flop when you’re trying to load it (and that’s my job). 

OF COURSE, we bought it over a year ago, so any one year, standard warranty is expired.  I decided to go ahead & call Sears for some advice … and much to my surprise, I had actually purchased a THREE YEAR WARRANTY when we bought the thing!!!  We usually don’t buy extended warranties, but I suppose our previous bad dishwasher experience caused us to cave in this time to the sales tactics & extra $$.  And in this case, it will pay off – literally.  Today, I am thankful for what we did way back in March of 2009!!  🙂 

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  1. melanie says:

    Oh, now wasn't that a NICE surprise! =)

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