30 Days of Thanks (Day 24)

“Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store. 
Maybe Christmas … perhaps … means a little bit more.” 
~The Grinch

(I will admit I bought the little pitiful Max plush toy (above) for $5 on Saturday while at Kohl’s with my GIRLfriends!!  I ❤ the Grinch story!!
AND the profits of the sales go to help kids.)
Can I admit something?  This is not as monumental as the fact that I really don’t like Fall … not even really as shocking as the fact that I really don’t like pumpkin pie either. 😉
So, here it is:
I’m feeling a little Grinchy these days.
I think I’ve lost sight of what the holidays are supposed to be about.
It seems that at the holidays, I am bombarded (by choice, I guess you could say) by retail, blogs touting the “best Black Friday deals,” and commercials offering me the “must haves” of the season.  The pressure is on to get the best gifts for the family and for friends … to indulge and not be left behind when it comes to the latest trends, fashion, and entertainment.
On the one hand, living a simple, quiet, homebody life sounds so good to me.  At home, I can hide out from the world and its lures.  I can be oblivious to what is out there.  The things they show on TV or the internet can be impersonal and not applicable to me and my little world.  I am content with such things as I have – my “cozy” house, my family, my friends, food, clothes, and more stuff than I need. 
On the other hand, I get out and see all the fun and flashy STUFF, and I begin to covet.  I look around me at what others have and then enter the stores and am bombarded with things I can’t afford but would really like to have.  The discontent starts to seep in.  I feel myself get all cranky and grinchy and dissatisfied. 
Wouldn’t it be more convenient and fun to have more things??!  Yet how much is enough?  John D. Rockefeller said we’d still need “just a little more.”
Discontentment is an ugly sin.  It leads to many more ugly sins – coveting, dissatisfaction, ungratefulness.  The apostle Paul warned of this sin and challenged believers in I Timothy that if they had food and raiment, they ought to be content therewith.  He challenged that Godliness with contentment is GREAT GAIN.  I guess God knew humans would struggle with this since one of His 10 Commandments is THOU SHALT NOT COVET…
So, as I approach Thanksgiving, I want to shout, “BA-HUM BUG!”  But I know that isn’t what God wants me to do.  And really, inside, that isn’t what I want to do either.  I want to give thanks this week for all that I have – the most important of which is not the material things anyway:
My home in heaven is sure – God knows and plans my path.  
I have a wonderful husband who has proven himself for richer and currently for a little poorer.  
My children are my personal miracles. 
I have many faithful friends. 
My physical needs are provided. 
My spiritual needs are as well through my church and my Bible.  
And so, I will focus on those non-material things … and the world and its sale ads can just pass me by.  The true meaning of Thanksgiving and Christmas isn’t about those things but about a Savior who is enough, who satisfies our souls.  And that goes for anyone – whether you have a lot or a little – presents around a tree and fulfilling a child’s Christmas wish is great (and not even wrong as long as it is in the budget), but the truest fulfillment comes from sharing family, friends, and faith.
I am hopeful my Grinchful heart will grow 3 sizes this holiday … and that the true meaning of Christmas will come through, and I’ll find the strength of 10 Grinches … plus 2. 

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2 Responses to 30 Days of Thanks (Day 24)

  1. Mrs. Doug says:

    Oh how I know that is true. I have steered clear of stores this season as much as possible and shopped at thrift stores and made stuff, but last night had to go to Walmart for Dog food and Oh my… what a crazy place that was. I wanted to get some wrapping paper and they has soooo much to choose from I almost got lost in the aisles. Thankfully I got out quickly and announced to my sweet husband that my Christmas shopping is officially over!I will not go back into another store… until the after Christmas sales. Then I MIGHT go.We have something for everyone anyway and I just refuse to get swept up into the whole commercial aspect of the season. It's bad enough I have to go to the grocery store today UGH!I empathize with you. Hope you don't have to risk life and limb on the "Black Friday" rush.Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hope you have a good time with family and friends and yummy-for-your-tummy food… not pumpkin pie 😉

  2. I have been feeling a little the same lately, especially every time we have to clean up a house cluttered full of toys! I keep thinking why do we need to give gifts for Christmas, it just brings so much more stuff into the house that we don't need. Thanks for the reminder that gifts aren't what it's about, I will also try to focus more on what it really is about!

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