30 Days of Thanks (Days 25 & 26)

I have to cheat & post a 2-for-1 day of thanks because I’m preparing to enter the Land of No Internet (otherwise known as my in-laws’ house) for Thanksgiving for a couple of days. 

And so I leave you with 2 Thanksgiving thoughts:

My first is somewhat silly – but never the less important to ME:  I am thankful for TURKEY this year.  In years past, I have twice had some form of pork or pork roast for Thanksgiving with my in-laws.  Perhaps it is a nod to their Iowa upbringing … but in my German-American opinion, one should have traditional TURKEY for Thanksgiving!!  My M-I-L has promised turkey this year! 

And secondly, although I miss cooking somewhat, I am thankful to be with some family for Thanksgiving.  Having been a military family in the past, we know what it is like to be hundreds, even thousands of miles away from family during holidays.  Currently my in-laws live 120 miles away and that is the closest we have ever lived to family since we have been married.  It is a blessing that my children can know their grandparents. 

Thanksgiving now still isn’t quite the same as when I was growing up and surrounded by lots of cousins, siblings, grandparents, and various relatives … our families (mine and Dan’s) seem to have scattered all over the U.S. as we’ve grown up and married, so we don’t take the togetherness with whomever we can be with for granted. 

Happy Thanksgiving … to you & yours! 

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