Day 30 (#16-25)

40 Things (cont.)

In honor of my 40th birthday today, I’m listing 40 things I am thankful for today. 
For #1-5, go here.  For #6-15, go here.

16.  I’m thankful for CAKE!!!  and COOKIES!!   It was obviously YUMMY:

17.  I’m thankful for 2 friends who asked if they could stop by today & brought me the above yummy treats.  We had some coffee and taste-tested the goodies. 

18. I’m thankful for facebook … today the birthday wishes on it reminded me of the many, many friends I have met from so many places!  There were wishes from Germany, South Africa, Guam, Hawaii, and all over the U.S. (that’s where my friends are, not necessarily always where I’ve been).  Each friend or family member who took a few seconds to write a short wish is someone who has touched my life in some way, and it was fun to read over their names & remember.

19.  I’m thankful for Miriam’s nap time each day.  Right now, I’m indulging myself with some blog/internet time … other days, I use her nap times to get “stuff” done.  Occasionally, I even sneak in a nap myself, but not so much any more since she is now pretty much always sleeping through the night!

20. I’m thankful for sleeping through a night.  Boy does that feel good!!  🙂

::::::::::::HALF WAY DONE:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

21.  I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve had in the last 40 years to experience so many different cultures, places, and people.  I’ve lived in some interesting places, and visited some fascinating locations. 

22.  Although I don’t always feel this way, I am thankful for the middle-of-no-where place where God has settled us down for now.  There are many advantages of small town living, and mainly, we are here because of the military and because of the church & its Christian school.  I love that my children have been in the SAME SCHOOL since K-4 (and are now in 5th & 7th grades).   I love that they have “roots”.  I am thankful they are experiencing many good teachers each school year, and hearing much good preaching and teaching at church.

23.  I am thankful for what each teacher has invested into my children.  Each school year, they have learned not only academically, but their characters have been built and their faith has been encouraged.  Even though we’ve been through some rough patches at school, the life lessons my kids are learning are invaluable!

24.  I am thankful that my husband believes so adamantly in Christian education for not only our children but also for about 180-something other students that he made it into his career!

25.  Though it has been a hard transition for me personally, I am thankful for all that we have learned these last 6+ years in the ministry. 

::::::::::::::To be continued.:::::::::::::::::::::

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  1. melanie says:

    Thanks again for hosting 30 Days of Thanks ~ I finally got another post done today! I'm glad to hear you are having a wonderful birthday, my friend.~♥~

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