Finishing Up Thanks (#31-40)

I’m grinning today too … and happy to conclude my 30 Days of Thanks.
In honor of my 40th birthday yesterday, I started to share 40 things I was thankful for.  In case you missed it & are curious, the first 30 things are here (or linked to here).
(the above picture has nothing to do with this post, I just thought it was a GREAT picture of my kids – who I am VERY thankful for!)

31.  I am thankful for the OBVIOUS things like a climate-controlled house.  It doesn’t maintain the perfect temperate because it is older, but we are definitely protected from the elements. 

32.  I’m thankful for 2 reliable vehicles.  I gave up a beloved mini-van a few years ago, and I still miss it.  This was before we knew about Miriam … I have had my issues accepting one of the vehicles we now own; HOWEVER, I am thankful they are reliable cars, if not very modern or fancy or pretty to look at. God is working on humbling me further and further, I suppose!!  🙂

33.  I am thankful that housekeeping these days is so much easier than washing clothes out by a stream or cooking over open fire. 

34.  I am thankful to stay at home right now.  I am such a homebody, and it is such a blessing to be able to mind my own business and tend to my family.  I am NEVER (or hardly ever) bored at home.  (I am however thankful that the internet allows me to work from home for my church … and I even go work in the office occasionally without feeling the pressure of being responsible for the entire church & school operations like I felt I was for over 6 years).

35.  I am thankful for books, even though my husband has an obsessive disorder that causes him to fill up our house – and even our garage – with books.  I am glad my family still reads … books.  I am not sure I’d want one of those kindle or nook things, even if someone gave one to me.  There’s just something about holding a book.  🙂

36.  I am thankful for quiet … I like music and such, but for the most part, I forget to turn on music when I’m home alone or doing housework.  I like to “hear myself think.”  I do turn on music more often during Christmas though!!  I love Christmas music!  🙂

37.  I am thankful for activities that my kids can enjoy.  My children take piano lessons – Andrew has been taking since he was in 1st grade, & Anna has been taking lessons since she was 4 years old.  Both my children play basketball right now (Andrew for the school team and Anna for Upward, a Christian organization).  We have a Wednesday night children’s program at church that Anna can still participate in (Andrew sadly grew out of it when he got to 6th grade).  These things plus church & school keep us plenty busy!

38.  I am REALLY thankful when my family can have an evening or a weekend AT HOME though.  I love it when there is NO WHERE to go, and we can just unwind.  I guess my entire family are a bunch of homebodies.

39.  I do enjoy going out with my friends occasionally.  Recently we’ve decided we need to try to practice more hospitality, which is hard because I am such a reluctant cook and hostess.  However, we’re working on it!  I mostly love to go out & window shop or have coffee with a trusted GIRLfriend or two; in fact, I’m going to Christmas Tea this Saturday with 2 of my “besties”!

40.  I am thankful to have attained the age of 40.  It sounds so “old” somehow, and I wish I were wiser or more mature … but looking back, I have come a long way, by God’s grace.  I have some life experience under my belt and some stories to tell.  I have seen some pretty amazing places and learned some valuable lessons.  God has brought me through some deep valleys, and He has been very patient as I learned – usually the hard way – what He wanted me to learn.  I wouldn’t want to go back, but I wouldn’t change a thing.  I am content at this moment to be who I am.  🙂

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  1. melanie says:

    It is SO much fun when the littlest one is so cute in family pictures! Miriam looks so very happy =D I'm glad you added those photos in here.I remember a photo shoot where the youngest would NOT smile for the photographer, but she just GRINNED like crazy at the receptionist after we were done. 😮

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