Please Vote for ME!!

My blog has been a bit impersonal the last few days … I apologize.  I’m a little uninspired & busy right now. 

So, CHRISTmas is approaching fast!!  It’s going to be a simple Christmas for us this year (as it usually is actually), but I’m trying to find some frugal ways to make it through the holidays.  I recently won a $100 Walmart gift card from Elmer’s/Wal-mart/MamaBuzz which will help … and now I’m trying to win a Hallmark Keepsake ornaments package (which would make nice gifts!).  If you have a moment, would you consider voting for my tree??  The link to the voting form is at the end of the article; it just takes a click by “The Life of an Ordinary Hausfrau” … UNLESS you look at all the trees and don’t think mine is as nice as some of the others.  Vote with your conscience!!  😉 


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3 Responses to Please Vote for ME!!

  1. joy says:

    I voted! I hope you win~!

  2. Mrs. Doug says:

    What a pretty Christmas tree. I looked at them all and some of the pictures were quite fuzzy, but yours was nice and clear… I could see all the details. Perhaps there were others that were prettier, but I couldn't see them… my eyes must be getting old:)It's been a while since I visited the blogosphere… lots of things have been happening. Congrats on your Elmers/Walmart win… YEA!!!!!Sorry to hear about your gramma passing away. It's always a sad thing. With my grandparents we lived so far away I didn't really get to know them that well. They were in Washington state and we lived in Maine… couldn't get too much further away. My Mom's mom lived in NJ and we got to visit with her more often… especially in the summer. My Nanna and Aunt Jean lived together in Ocean Grove, a storybook little township on the Atlantic ocean. The beach was fantastic and every Sunday they closed the streets to cars, so every kid would be out playing… roller skating… bouncing balls… hopscotch and other fun stuff. I loved it there, but when my Nanna died, I was older and lived in Colorado. I didn't get to say goodbye. My Aunt Jean just passed away not too long ago and now the house is sold and none of the family lives in the Grove anymore. I do have friends there though.I voted for your tree, Conny, and I hope you win :)Visit my blog for a little blog anniversary giveaway next Wednesday.God Bless!

  3. Michelle G says:

    voted 🙂 Are we allowed to vote only once? Once a day? any rules? (maybe they were there and I just missed…(ignored) them 🙂

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