Tea Traditions

Growing up, I moved several times while in elementary school.  I went to a different school in Kindergarten, 1st grade, and then 2nd grade, only to change again in 5th grade AND then moved to another state right before 6th grade!  I can’t remember any of my “friends” from Kindergarten to 4th grade at all…
Since we have lived in the same place now since 2001, Anna has grown up with 2 special friends that she has known since she was a year old.  Even though the oldest is a full year older than Anna and the middle friend is 9 months older, they are in the same grade at our Christian school.

 Since 2004, these girls and their mothers have gone to a quaint tea house in Versailles, Missouri called Shady Gables.  Anna was 3 years old when she first went to Teddy Bear Tea – and sniffed her tea and declared, “THIS STINKS!”  We used to also go to “Tea with Mrs. Claus,” but this year we had the Queens Choice full afternoon meal.  It was delicious!! 

 I am so thankful for these memories with my daughter.  Each Christmas we have gotten a special tea ornament to commemorate our visit.  I love getting them out each year and remembering all the special times we’ve shared.

 But don’t let all my talk of traditions and tea fool you, we moms benefit from this tea time because we get to talk, laugh, act goofy, eat, and do a little shopping afterwards … all our favorite things!  🙂

(Christmas Tea Day 2008)
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  1. melanie says:

    Yay! for goofy moms ~ Great stress-reliever =)

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