Budget Bargains

Today it was time to do a little (more) Christmas shopping!!!  I took a friend & her home-schooled girls (to entertain Miriam) … and off we went to the BIG CITY. 

After a successful stop at a grocery surplus store, we went to the mall.  Since I got over my 1980’s childhood/teen-hood need to walk aimlessly through the mall, I really don’t go to the mall much any more ever.  HOWEVER, I had coupons!

And hence this post may become a VBP* (Very Boring Post) to you:  my coupon successes.  Now, some may say, I would have “saved” more money by not spending any money AT ALL, but apparently, I have “sucker” written on my forehead … and so off I went, lured in by some smarty-pant’s marketing campaign to get me to the mall.

Our first stop was Bath and Body Works.  Their holiday pocketbac anti-bacterials were $1 each.  FUN SCENTS!!  and the holders were 50 cents each!!

I got some of those & 2 holders as stocking stuffers/gifts.  As well as a $5 “winter” room spray so that my fake Christmas tree can smell real … with this $10 of stuff, my coupon entitled me to 1 free product valued up to $13.  I got Anna some body spray in “Forever Sunshine” fragrance … which sounded like her – though my husband said the scent reminded him somewhat of mosquito repellent … so we’re hopeful it will do double-duty if she wears it in the summer.  😉

On to the Hallmark store – I had a $5 off a $5 or more purchase coupon.  Since Miriam has not had any special ornaments given to her yet, I got her this Keepsake one:

This will NOT be Miriam’s 1st Christmas since she was born on December 22 last year … but she will be 1 year old this Christmas.  This represents her age not her “1st Christmas” since it doesn’t say those words on it like some of the ornaments do.  It just has the year on the back.   

My last coupon/offer was for Kay’s Jeweler’s.  Every so often they have a great customer appreciation sale and usually offer 2 pieces of jewelry for a special price.  I’ve gotten 2 quality rings and a necklace in the last few years for $20 each.  This weekend (Friday-Sunday), they are offering a nice ring and a lovely (IMO) necklace for $19.95 each.  Since it was Thursday, I asked if they had their specials in already … and they did!  A sapphire with little diamonds on a silver chain.  I have enough jewelry myself, so I’m contemplating who to give this to, but I couldn’t pass it up.  My friend got one as well.  If you like jewelry and live near a Kay’s Jeweler’s, I’d recommend checking it out!!  🙂

Satisfied with our “bargains,” we headed home.  It was getting REALLY COLD and with a few packages in hand, I was beginning to feel a little more of the holiday spirit! 
This evening we attended our school’s band and choir concert in which our older 2 children participated.  Christmas music played and sung by 5th-12th graders seemed to seal the idea in my mind that it is officially THE HOLIDAYS. 

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  1. Mrs. Doug says:

    Yeah! Chirstmastime has begun. I am feeling the same way now. We had a little snow this week and it is staying… how can you expect it to melt when the temperature hasn't risen above 20 in the past 4 days? This morning I went out to load up the propane tank and switch it over to a full tank and it was 5 deg. out there. Yikes! OK I'm officially ready for spring!I just love good buys. I did lots of my shopping this year at thrift stores. Most of what I got is new stuff too… with the tags still on and in original packaging. It's so exciting. Sent my pkgs to DC already. Heather and family. They are going to FL for Christmas… lucky ducks.Speaking of ducks… our little ducks were swimming on their little pond until this week when if froze over… poor things… they go there and waddle around on the ice a little until they realize they are going to be swimming today so they waddle back to the coop. Hope we have lots more snow soon. It actually makes our house warmer.Happy shopping… and gift wrapping… that's next.

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