A Really Neat Person:

It is funny how you “meet” people in the blogging world that somehow become your “friends” … you kind of “click” (literally and figuratively), and then you find you have things in common (and even some things NOT in common, but that’s ok too). 

Mrs. Doug is a fascinating person who blogs at Green Twig!  She is one of my favorite commenters on my blog & leaves me interesting tidbits or encouraging advice.  She lives on a home-stead-like property in the Northeast with Mr. Doug (wouldn’t it be weird if I had said something like Mr. Steve or Mr. Jim??!! hee hee).  She works full time plus takes care of a variety of plants (garden) and animals (mostly fowl). 

She used to be a Christian school teacher, which endears me to her even more – and I wish she’d move to Missouri and work in MY KIDS’ Christian school … 😉 

Anyway, Mrs. D is celebrating her 1 year blog-a-versary … and she is giving away 2 items!!!  2 very very cool items.  I prefer item #1 but I think item(s) #2 are really nice as well.  Soooooooo, go check out my friend – and enter to win!!  🙂 

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  1. melanie says:

    After your "real life" post, I was expecting this to be about a really NEAT housekeeper you know ~ ha ha! :-DLove it ♥ ~ and thanks for sharing the fun giveaway news ~

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