Say MMM! – a review

This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by Hutchins for this review.
I am LOUSY at meal planning … LOUSY.  I am LOUSY at working with a meal-planning web-site … LOUSY.  It is through NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN that I can not give you my personal experience on, a meal-planning website HOWEVER I am happy to pass along this information BECAUSE if I weren’t so LOUSY at meal-planning, I’d be using this website in a heart beat!! 

The concept of is to help families save time & money to get meals on the table!  And the basic service is FREE!!!  You can get free meal planning, grocery lists, and organize recipes in one handy place on the web.  (SayMMM Premium with many more features is $3/month)

Check out more information on facebook – with instructional videos available there too.  Saymmm is even compatible with iPhones! 

If I ever get it together and start meal planning, is saved in my favorites, & I will be trying it. 

You can read more reviews about saymmm on mamabuzz from people who have actually tried the site.  In fact, after reading the reviews there, I am thinking it is time for ME to dive into my saymmm membership & get to meal-planning!!

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