Christmas Vacation is Finally Here!

It is officially Christmas Break for us … well, ALMOST.  My husband still hasn’t come home from closing up at school, but the children were dismissed at noon today. 

Having two children in school, I was torn today between 2 Christmas parties going on simultaneously, which also meant I got to enjoy FOOD from 2 Christmas parties!!  🙂 
There are 3 Korean families in Anna’s class group, and her Christmas party featured kimbap, yaki mandu, and egg rolls!  I love oriental food, so I was sooooooooo happy (because food is my love language!).  I brought my party punch, and there were desserts, fruit and veggies trays, and root beer floats.  I think Anna will be sugared up for the next 3 days.

The 7th-12th graders celebrated among themselves, and they ate pizza delivered from a local Greek/Italian restaurant, also SUPER yummy, especially the gyros pizza!!  🙂

Now we are HOME SWEET HOME … Despite all we need to do before the holidays, I am ready to just enjoy my family, write my Christmas cards (which the UPS man just delivered today!!), and hopefully spend a lot more time focusing on what CHRISTmas is all about! 

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  1. Just stopping by to say Merry Christmas and wondering if you received the Starbucks gift card I sent out a while back. Enjoy writing those Christmas cards, I hope to get to them soon myself. Need to finish some sewing first, and husbands birthday this weekend. Frohe Weinachten!

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