On School Gift Exchanges

My children attend a Christian school. Well, each year, most (almost all) the classes have a gift exchange among themselves. There is a dollar limit given, and each boy brings a boy gift; each girl, a girl gift. My kids have been doing this since K-4.

When my son was in 5th grade, the gift he got was a POKER SET … Texas Hold’em. Now, I’m not saying that to judge anyone, I’m just saying:  SERIOUSLY?!! In 5th grade – a poker set?? and at a Christian school??!! Not always sure what some parents are thinking … but anyway, we were able to quietly exchange it for something else at Wal-mart (yeah for Walmart’s exchange policy!!). 🙂

So, this year, my daughter is in 5th grade. One of the boys in her class got a box of Trader Joe’s multi grain crackers at their gift exchange.  NOW, again, to preface, I realize Trader Joe’s is a great store; I realize that healthy food is a great thing to promote … but to give a kid a box of crackers at a school gift exchange??!?! I mean, if the parent wanted to make a point of giving a healthy gift, doesn’t Trader Joe’s have some fun fruit leather or all-natural candy that she could have chosen instead??!

In any case, the student who received the crackers was VERY mature about it and kind of quietly showed his teacher (with much disappointment) what he received. Of course, every other kid – to include the student whose parent had sent in the crackers – had received some form of TOY or book or fun item … and this one boy was left holding a box of crackers (which I think the teacher is going to get him something to make up for his disappointing gift, without trying to hurt the giver’s feelings). 

And Andrew? This year at his gift exchange, he got a gift box of Old Spice Old Spice Cologne Splash Men 4.25 fl. oz. By Procter & Gamble

with matching deodorant. I kind of held my breath as he showed me and waited to see what he’d say. Thankfully, he was actually pretty excited about it once I explained to him what it was: his first REAL men’s cologne!!! (I was just thankful it wasn’t after-shave!!) … and I showed him how to use it. He was actually very pleased with himself, feeling rather grown up, knowing he was wearing the same cologne his grandfather has worn for years. My young man, growing up so fast … but believe me, he still won’t be playing Texas Hold’em any time soon …

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4 Responses to On School Gift Exchanges

  1. Mrs. Doug says:

    I am laughing out loud! Notice I didn't say LOL. This is soo funny and so reminiscent of my teaching years. I think we have every concievable fragrance of Yankee candle there is, still, and I haven't burned any of them since I can't tolerate the odor for very long. One candle lasts me about 3 years.

  2. joy says:

    This was hilarious!

  3. Love the Old Spice-that is what LittleLonnie wears! It is the "in" thing right now.

  4. Michelle G says:

    Oh my…….I remember in 6th grade when I got a coffee cup (that was used and dirty) wrapped up as my exchange gift.sigh…lol I can now see myself at 7am some morning when one of my kids announces "mom I need a gift NOW" …handing my coffee mug over and saying "wrap it!" lolat the time I WAS a bit disappointed though lol

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