Cookie X-Change (the long painful version)

(I have be to honest – these are NOT my cookies; they are from someone far more talented than me’s blog)!

Today I attended my first ever cookie exchange.  I wanted to make something clever and unique, of course.  Something to really WOW everyone and to make this a memorable experience.  It was memorable alright … in usual Conny-style, where everything tends to run amok and not turn out QUITE like I wanted. BUT in the end, I had fun … most of the time. 

Friday night, I started in on making my cookies.  I had found the CUTEST recipe/idea for “melted snowmen sugar cookies” … and thus I began baking.  I needed 4 dozen cookies, and since my recipe did not say how many cookies it would yield, and because I was using a biscuit cutter to make a big enough cookie, I ended up making 3 separate bowls of sugar cookie dough.  Oh fun.  That only took 100 hours (give or take a few hours). 

THEN I had to make a glaze.  The recipe I used was not quite what I had expected or really what I’d recommend (although my family seemed to like it fine):
1 cup powder sugar
2 tsp light karo syrup
2 tsp milk
1/2 tsp vanilla
Add more milk &stir until the consistency you want. 

Again, time consuming … and glazing 48 cookies (plus a few spare for taste-testing) took another 100 hours (or so) and many batches of the above icing recipe. 

THEN the decorating part.  I didn’t have BIG marshmallows at home as this was a last minute, hare-brained idea, so off to Walmart for supplies.  I also needed sprinkles.  Though I live about 8 miles from Walmart, I can never make a “quick trip” to Walmart for some reason??!  I don’t understand it. But anyway …

To put the snowman head on, you microwave your marshmallow for about 25 seconds (I did batches of 5).  Let it sit just a few seconds and grab it quickly & throw it on a cookie.  OR grease your fingers with Pam (cooking spray) and gently pick up your marshmallow and place it on the cookie.  I tried both approaches; I preferred approach #2.

At this point, I had a slight disaster interruption:  Miriam had been puttering all over the house, but mainly she was underfoot in the kitchen.  I let her open the lower cabinets & pull out all the plastic ware down there.  There are also a few bottles of sealed things like oil … and a bottle of a what-I-thought-was-a-sealed-thing like garlic oil.  My house now smells like a pizzeria … thanks to Miriam dumping about a gallon of garlic oil all over herself, my floor, and it even managed to get off the linoleum onto the carpet.  There goes another 100 hours of my life to try to fix the damage (had to shampoo carpet today & mop the kitchen … again). 

SO, where was I??  OH:  cookies.  QUICKLY, while the marshmallow is still hot, put on the sprinkle eyes & nose.  (the sprinkle buttons should have been done when the icing stuff was first poured)  OR if you were more talented than me, you could pipe colored icing for the eyes and even make arms or draw a scarf around your snowman head …

After snowman #30ish, I quit.  I quickly iced the last few cookies, dumped some sprinkles on them, and called it a night.  Thankfully, my taste-testers did give my cookies a 2 thumbs-up – and off I went today to the cookie exchange (transporting these things was another logistical nightmare, but I’ll spare you my pain). 

A small group of ladies from my church came also… and the hostess was so gracious … and HER food was yummy – and probably took no less then 1 hour to prepare.  The other ladies baked some wonderful treats as well.  Thankfully, I came home with 4 dozen cookies because I’m not baking another cookie this entire holiday season if I can at all help it.  😉

PS  Spellcheck lesson of the day:  it’s marshMALLOW, not marshMELLOW.  I didn’t know.

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2 Responses to Cookie X-Change (the long painful version)

  1. Mrs. Doug says:

    What a cute idea! I'll have to try this one… but I'm with you… no more cookies this year!

  2. Michelle G says:

    OH no!!! (the garlic oil story had me laughing…no that wouldn't be right ROFL)Actually I was just re-living part of my past (on both accounts)When my oldest was 4 I was pregnant with baby#2. I was exhausted and he was supposed to be napping (I was doing that mom-sleeping with one eye shut nap thing)and all of a sudden I smelled GARLIC like crazy – I went into his room and he was delighted at the "snow" he was making by squeezing the industrial size garlic powder into the air and watching it fall – His room ALWAYS smelled that way FOREVER! :)Oh and I tried to make snowmen out of mini powdered doughnuts as the bottom, a powdered doughnut hole as the middle and a marshmallow as the head.Then you were supposed to "glaze" it with some frosting stuff to hold it together – put little twizzler "scarfs" on etc.YES I DID.Sad to say – my kids learned nothing good that day – and possibly heard some words they are NOT allowed to repeat! 🙂

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