Old But New Article

I’m so thankful to have found several outlets for my writing lately!!  Mamabzz.com continues to graciously put out my articles even though I’m just an amateur.

TOMORROW (Tuesday), I should be able to share an exciting (for me) opportunity I have also been given from another website!  🙂  This one may actually generate a teeny tiny bit of income – and as we all know, EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS!!!!  🙂

Mamabzz adapted my previous blog entry for their website; I thought they did a nice job (with the clip art especially!).  🙂  If you have a minute, read about “Having a Grinch-Free Holiday” and check out mamabuzz. 

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  1. melanie says:

    I ♥ that post ~ Remember me when you are rich and famous! =)

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