REWIND: December 22

Happy 1st Birthday to our precious Miriam!
We had a memorable and special time celebrating Miriam’s 1st birthday!

 Daddy sure loves his littest girl … though we’ve committed to trying not to spoil her rotten, I think she’s got him tied around her little finger already!   I hope both my girls grow up being “daddy’s girls”!
 And yes, I’ve enjoyed having a baby in the house again too! She was an answer to many years of prayers.  I always wanted a third child.  She is such an undeserved blessing and a special gift of grace just for me. 

 Miriam enjoyed the cake, the fellowship, and the PRESENTS!

 She got some baby dolls to love (and give kisses to), a tea set, some blocks, a noisy train, a soft blankie, and a few other fun things. 

 The “party” was somewhat of an interesting situation – for me anyway:

We asked to use the church gym before our Wednesday evening service because all of Miriam’s friends go to our church anyway … Many were gone for Christmas Break, but I asked the Pastor if we could use it for the remaining folks still here.  And of course, I invited him & his wife to stop by for cake. WELL … I guess he thought I meant I wanted to invite EVERYONE who wasn’t gone for Christmas Break, and so he announced it during our afternoon church service!!   Once I got to counting who MIGHT come by for cake, I came up with about 70 potential guests!  Thankfully I have a really good punch recipe that would accommodate that many!
I baked three 9×13 pans of cake and cut them into little pieces, decorated with “M”s and “1”s and sprinkles.

What a blessing to share this special evening with our special friends from church.
We specifically didn’t ask for gifts, but Miriam was still spoiled. 

 That’s a wonderful thing about a church family – especially when one lives far away from one’s own family. 

Christian friends are the family that GOD gives to you!
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3 Responses to REWIND: December 22

  1. awww, your daughter is so sweet! :)

  2. Polka says:

    She's adorable 🙂 and surely you will never forget this 1st birthday :)Polka

  3. melanie says:

    he he ~ I can imagine the panic attack! But what a fun time with LOTS of friends to celebrate her first birthday =) And who needs a big piece of cake anyway?

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