New Years Thoughts

It’s a new year – and many people are making resolutions … I’m not.  I’ve tried in the past and failed.  Most resolutions seem to revolve around losing weight, exercising, and getting organized.  Have you resolved to do those things??!  I want to do those things, I need to do those things; but I haven’t got a plan in place.  yet. 

My dilemma right now is HOW does one PLAN when one’s schedule is volatile and erratic and constantly changing?  For example, I was going to menu plan this week.  I got Monday down – we had lasagna.  Tuesday (tonight) we had Mexican stew… and for the rest of the week I don’t even need to menu plan: 
Wednesday – we eat a dinner at church
Thursday – piano lessons for the kids after school, parent-teacher conferences for Dan until 6 p.m. or later (ie.  Dan will eat sandwiches at school; kids will eat “kid food”)
Friday – away ballgames for Andrew & Dan.  The girls & I are on our own (ie.  mac-n-cheese!)
Saturday – ballgame for Anna, pizza party for kids, and then invited to dinner with friends.

So, really, our family will only have sat around our table to eat together 2 out of 7 days.  😦
We, like many other American families, are BUSY.  We are involved in many GOOD things, and the kids enjoy their activities too … but for my home-body tendencies, we’re too busy for my liking sometimes.   As much as I enjoy helping out at the church, I need my days off in between to recover and regroup.  That’s just me.

I dream of moving to North Dakota (or Iowa?!!?!!) some day soon – and homeschooling – and homesteading (even though I have a black thumb!) – and hiding out … although I know myself & I’d die of cabin fever!!  🙂  Maybe I could alternate between my busy life and a cabin in the Frozen Tundra when it gets to be too much!

I’m a schedule person; I don’t like interruptions.  HOWEVER, I know God is working on my these last few years to overcome that.  I want to be more adaptable and less resistant to holding on so tightly to my own plans. 

I guess if I have to a goal for this new year, it would be to be more FLEXIBLE.  I have several friends here who are great examples.  When you ask them to do something, they immediately respond positively.  They don’t grumble about always being dumped on, and they love helping.  My husband is like that too, which makes him a wonderful servant leader in our Christian school.  (or servant teacher, whatever you want to call him)

Recently our family was back in the blessed land of Chick-Fil-A (one of my FAVORITE eating places of all time!!) – Tennessee – and I was reminded of the philosophy of the founder, Truett Cathy (you can read a wonderful article by his son here).   Whenever a server helps you there, and you say, “thank you” to them, they are to respond with “My pleasure.”  It is truly a PLEASURE to serve others!!  Now that said, I don’t mean you have to become a dumpee who says YES to everything and then resents being overwhelmed; but with God’s discretion and help, I want to learn to say, “I’d be glad to help” and mean it when called upon to serve. 

That said, I am still determined to continue learning to be a better keeper of my HOME, a better Hausfrau if you will … and I will always prefer my home-body ways!!  My home and own family will always be my priority; I will say “no” if I need to protect my precious little bit of time with them.  BUT if I can feasibly help someone, reach out to someone, go out of my way to be a blessing to someone, it will be my pleasure. 

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  1. Michelle G says:

    Hey lady 😉 I need your address to send you the "surprise package"WOO HOOOOOO YOU DA WINNER!! 🙂 is my email addy :)M

  2. Sandra says:

    What a great post Conny, I feel the same way you do about so many things 🙂

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