Baby Wearing

Baby wearing has probably been around since the beginning of time.  We’ve all seen pictures of Native American papooses strapped to their mothers …

and African mothers (or sisters!) with babies tied to themselves.

Most cultural groups have a way of carrying their young’uns.  In America, the trend of baby-wearing has really caught on.  I didn’t really use “slings” with my first 2 children.  We had a front carrier and a backpack for them, but it wasn’t quite like really “wearing” the baby.

When I had Miriam, a friend gave me a mayawrap that I used some.   I liked it okay, but it really against my personal preferences to “wear” a baby in “MY” space all the time.  I will admit it was nice to comfort a baby while having both hands free, but I really am more of a “teach them to sleep in their crib” type of mother. 

Anyway … where was I going with this?  I think my husband recently – quite by accident – invented a manly way to “wear” a baby!  It was cold outside, the baby was sleepy, and it just seemed like the natural thing to do to zip Miriam up inside his jacket.

I love my husband for being a good husband and a good guy in general … but I love him even more for being a good daddy. 

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3 Responses to Baby Wearing

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  2. Michelle G says:

    Oh there is nothing that says "LOVE" more than a daddy holding his baby :)Our littlest prefers his baby-wearing daddy over mama any day (I think it's cause Dad loads him up in the back-pack and takes him outside with him!!)This picture is wonderful – would be beautiful in black and white.(Show it at her wedding someday! sniff sniff!)Such love.A fathers love.

  3. Awww! Cute picture! I'm not much into baby wearing either, but once in a while when you get to cuddle with a sleeping baby it is so nice!

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