Not-Wordless Wednesday

I’d better hurry!  It’s almost Thursday!!!!  :-O  and of course, you KNEW I couldn’t be completely WORDLESS … but here’s a glimpse of our (very cold!) day:

 Breakfast at our impromtu eating area (the high chair at the big table without the whole family just seems so lonely!). 


and juice (watered down, of course.  I’m trying to incorporate whole milk into MiMi’s diet but so far, she isn’t liking it.  I’ve tried mixing it with some formula, but she isn’t crazy about formula either, so that’s not working.  Any suggestions?  Is it crazy to offer her CHOCOLATE milk??!?!?!  Also, bottle or sippy cup?)

 Car keys, coupons, hat:  ready to go to Walmart!
(PS got the coat for $3 at Goodwill!!!!  It is like new – or maybe even new without tags?  WHAT A BLESSING!!!  and it even is the same color as Anna’s winter coat so the sisters match!)  🙂

Oh – and mittens … they are TASTY and TOASTY.
(Those mittens were from the $1 section at Target – aren’t they ADORABLE!  Miriam was KISSING the faces later … )

Home again with our loot …
Thankful to be safe & warm … it is SO COLD outside – and still slick on the roads in some spots.  Tonight is one of the coldest nights of this winter – it is 4 degrees but feels like -1!!  I know that isn’t even Iowa cold or Minnesota cold or North Dakota cold – but it’s cold enough for me!! 

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2 Responses to Not-Wordless Wednesday

  1. Michelle G says:

    What a cutie face 🙂 Mine is one year old today. He likes to send stuff flying off his high-chair tray and then giggle like crazy (hard not to laugh too when he's getting such a kick out of it!)I keep thinking I'll start with a sippy cup but he tends to want to tip it upside down and watch them drip drip drip out. (messy boy!)He's not fond of milk or formula either. sigh….he'll do a bit of watered down juice. One of his big brothers gave him a bit of gatorade in his sippie….. (a no no according to mom) and he LOVED it. (banging my head on desk here…thump…thump…) you would have thought I was abusing him by taking it away. ;(Had serious gatorade meltdown…I'm a horrible mom..I gave it back.lolWhat sense does it make to give organic then CAVE on gatorade? I don't know…..(the longer I parent the LESS I know actually! :)For us it's cold and it was 50 :)brrrr :)lolM

  2. melanie says:

    Brrrrr, Conny! It was a few degrees colder here last night. Thankfully there must not have been much wind, b/c I was surprised! seeing the thermometer on the way home from church. And that was my first outing since Sunday =) Today is a different story… And the toolbar says ZERO.LOVE the new coat for M! =)

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