RelaxZen Review

This is a Mamabuzz review, and the products were provided to me at no cost by RelaxZen, Inc and 
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

RelaxZen “Functional Relaxation Beverage” ~

I’m not usually into trying things NOT approved by the FDA or “healthy” products not recommended by my own trusted holistic health doctor who attends our church, but I read the ingredients list on the RelaxZen Night product and almost everything was a natural herb, vitamin, or amino acid:
camomile extract, L-theanine, L-threonine, valerian root, melatonin … though there are other ingredients like filtered water, citric acid, sucralose (you’d have to read the ingredient list to see them all). 

The night I was ready to try my RelaxZen Night “shot” was one where I knew I wasn’t going to sleep well.  I had drank too much diet Coke too late into the day (a recipe for disaster); I was feeling stress from knowing some things going on with my husband’s job that I could do NOTHING about but pray; and I just feeling uptight, ready for a night of INSOMNIA.  I drank the 2.5 oz beverage shot around 10:30 p.m.  It was pretty tasty; kind of kool-aid like but there are only 2.5 oz to get down, so no big deal.  By 11 p.m. I did feel sleepy.  The bottle claims RelaxZen Night will promote sleep* and balance mood*  (*statements NOT approved by the FDA). 

I wish I could say I slept through the night – but I ALWAYS wake up between 3-4 a.m. because that was about the time Miriam used to wake up (thankfully she is now MOSTLY sleeping through the night) – and our room was hot & dry from the electric space heater, and I was parched.  I did go right back to sleep after a drink of water.  Something else important to me is that I woke up refreshed – no fuzzy, sleepy feeling like I get when I occasionally use an OTC sleep medication (like Simple Sleep or Tylenol PM). 

I do think that this product is great for occasional use after a stressful day or before a big day when you NEED a good night’s sleep. 

I also got a sample of the RelaxZen Day – but it had the disclaimer that nursing women were advised to not use the product (and of course, if you are PREGNANT – DO NOT use any of these products!!).  So, I gave it to my husband.  He said he didn’t have a mid-day sleepy dip like he usually has – but he was also having a super crazy busy day.  RelaxZen Day is supposed to promote calm, increase focus, and reduce stress.  Again, I think for occasional use, it would be great! 

RelaxZen has a video on their website … they are also on twitter (relaxzen) and facebook (relaxzenlife and relaxzenshots).

Want to try RelaxZen products?  They also have Sport shots, DayFlight and Nightflight for travelers.  You can find a list of retailers on their website. 

If you purchase your RelaxZen from, you can use the coupon code: SMILE (for 10% off plus free shipping on any RelaxZen product).  Code expires 1/31/2011.

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