It’s Time … to get SERIOUS

I’m asking for help … I have got to get a hold of myself & get HEALTHIER!!
Now, I’m just being honest, but I don’t foresee myself going totally “granola,” though I’m learning so much from my friends who are.  🙂  I really don’t understand the whole “organic” thing either … but my goals for now are just to get HEALTHIER.  The rest may come later, who knows!!??!! 

Please don’t expect me to give up white flour, white sugar, or white rice immediately.  I don’t know if I ever will – but I’d like to use them in moderation.  I have PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome) so my body is already insulin resistant – and the best diet for me is really more protein content, waaaay less carbs.  Sadly, I’m quite addicted to carbs though.  Not good for someone who potentially could wind up with Type II diabetes one day. 

I did gain only 14 lbs during my “recent” pregnancy and lost 22 lbs after Miriam was born – but that’s only because I’m one of the fortunate few women whose metabolism and hormones are actually finally in sync during pregnancy.  I feel better pregnant than I do normally.  Pity I can’t sign up to be a surrogate mother & remain perpetually pregnant.  HOWEVER, now – over a year after giving birth – the weight is creeping back on!!!   It’s because I did NOTHING to lose it in the first place – it was just the blissful harmony of my hormones post-partum.

I have a few simple goals that I hope to incorporate into my life slowly.  Now, you’d think that as a 40 year old woman, I’d have the discipline and know-how to be healthy.  I guess I have the head knowledge – I have read enough articles and books about diets and even tried most of the commercial diet plans back in the day when we had more money (Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and Nutrisystem).  None of them really worked for me very well anyway – I guess I’m a rebel, and the more you tell me I *can’t* eat something, the more I want it!! 

I also hate to exercise, so again, no natural inclination to get off my duff & work up a sweat.  I did once belong to Curves – and now that, that I loved!!!  You were done in 30 minutes – and you didn’t even break that much of a sweat – and I even GOT RESULTS!!!  However, I can’t do Curves again for now – lack of money & child care for Miri-yummy. 

SO, what’s a fat, lazy girl to do??!?!?!  😉  Well, I think I’m going to start slow, changing one bad habit at a time.  “They” say that’s why so many people fail at resolutions – they try to make too many drastic changes at once. 

And so, step #1 is this:  DRINK MORE WATER (and honestly, I think I’d have to say drink water.  period.).  I am not a “thirsty” person at all.  I forget to drink during the day.  And I don’t really “like” water.  I’d much rather have a diet coke.  BAD BAD BAD, I know.  I have read all the bad side affects of aspartame – and how it really doesn’t HELP you lose weight after all….but somehow, I never really cared.  😦

SO, I’m going to drink water … and reward myself with an occasional diet coke.  Like I said:  starting SLOW. 

After this, I will pick another bad habit I have, and believe me, I have plenty to choose from!!   For example, yesterday I picked up a dozen yeast rolls from Walmart’s bakery because they were reduced based on their date … and today one roll remains.  I ate 11 yeast rolls – with Nutella – yes, I did.  I don’t do that all the time – and by all rights, I should weigh 533 lbs by now – but somehow I stay somewhere around a size 12. 

MY GOAL is to lose about 20 lbs – and to get back to the size 8/10 clothes range.  It’s really not that far to go or that unattainable — but my ultimate goal is not just to wear a certain size but to be HEALTHY!!  And there is no date deadline – this is just something I want to do over the course of this year. 

Will you help me?  Or even better, will you join me?? 
Please give me your best tips for making a healthy life style part of your life … and any tips for making water more palatable would be appreciated.  I already think I’ll be adding some LEMON to my water – and using lots of CRUSHED ICE (thankfully, my fridge will dispense it).  

I hope to update on my progress as I go along … if I don’t, please feel free to nag me & ask me how the healthy life style thing is going!  🙂  Well, some would say that putting it out to the world that you’re going to make a change is a healthy start, so here I go….

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3 Responses to It’s Time … to get SERIOUS

  1. Mrs. Mobunny says:

    Water is more fun for me if it is in a pretty cup. I have two or three I like to drink out of….I guess you would call them adult sippy cups! They have lids and a plastic straw that comes with the cup. I like plastic and don't prefer glass……..whatever your preference, get a couple of pretty ones that are just *yours*.

  2. Good job Conny! I've been walking that road for a long time and nothing seems to work with a slow thyroid. But I just keep trying. It seems there might be a glimmer of hope this time and I have been waiting to see more results before I share. Your post was an encouragement to keep going! Thanks! We can walk this road together this year.

  3. It is well says:

    Way to go…one little change at a time! Rob and I decided to give up sodas for the month of January. Root beer for him, diet dr. Pepper for me. So far we are doing well but really craving our sodas!! I drink my water with plenty of ice and filtered through the fridge…I also sometimes add lemon or lime….I love limes and they are always cheaper than lemons for some reason! I do make tea sometimes (decaf, but with real sugar), and I allow myself one glass with dinner as a treat. Rob drinks juice also, but I've never been a juice drinker. It is so hard to pass up just that one bottle of ddp at the checkout lane cooler….but I think the cravings may be getting better. I don't think I want to go back to drinking them because it is expensive! Maybe once the month is over I will not want them, or maybe I'll have one as an occasional treat. I do think the artificial sweetener made me crave sugar/carbs though…I don't seem to have the chocolate cravings I once did.

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