I’ve had kind of a weird, discombobulated weekend … I don’t mean it’s been all bad – but it somehow hasn’t been all that good all the time either. 

I can’t even remember Friday night.  I think Andrew came home from his first ever overnight basketball tournament that neither Dan nor I had gone along to.   Although I totally trusted his coaches, knew he was with kids from his Christian school, and was told over and over by him how excited he was, I still had just a tinge of anxiety sending my 12 year old off on the school vans with boys seemingly way bigger than him!   (that’s not really true because not all the boys are bigger – but it sounds more dramatic that way!) 

Friday he calls me to update me on Thursday’s events.  He starts with, “Mom, I had a migraine last night.”  Cue Momma guilt:  I should have been there; I should have sent medicine; I should have driven the 120 miles & nursed my boy back to health!!!!  However, he assured me that he was fine; one of the coaches gave him some medicine … Cue more Momma guilt – that was MY JOB – I’m supposed to give him medicine!!!  HOWEVER, I’m learning that other people CAN take care of my children; I can trust them.  It’s OK … Apparently, I have some control issues.  😉

Turns out he had a migraine during a game – the coach didn’t know & put him in – he tried to play through the pain & nausea – but ended up almost crying.  Thankfully the ref saw his distress & got him out of the game.  Can you say:  CUE MOMMA GUILT.  I should have been there.  But I wasn’t.  But like I said, that’s ok.  

Still not sure how I’m going to let my children grow up and go away to college without me … thankfully I have a few more years to work on my momma guilt and control issues!!  🙂

Saturday was kind of a crazy busy day … and yet, my heart was very much with my pastor’s family.  As I mentioned, our pastor’s wife’s parents both passed away within about a week of each other.  The double funeral was Saturday in a town a few hours’ drive away.  We were not able to attend, but my thoughts were with them all day.  I can’t imagine losing both parents at the same time- and in her case, it was somewhat unexpectedly though they were both very ill at the end of their lives.  The one WONDERFUL thing that came out of it all was that her father accepted Christ into his heart the night before he passed away after years of watching his wife and daughters live out a Christian life before him and not participating. 

So, Anna had an Upward basketball game … and then I went shopping with a friend for the afternoon and evening.  The fellowship of other Christian women is something that is so encouraging – and this particular friend is a just a little older and a whole lot wiser than me.   She gave me such practical insights on life and marriage and children with a godly attitude.  We laughed, we shopped, we ate yummy Italian food.  It was good to get away!   HOWEVER, I came home to a very hot, very sick Miriam.  😦

Miriam has been out of sorts for days – not taking good naps, having kind of funky diaper issues, teething, etc.  Dan said her fever came on kind of suddenly Saturday evening – and she was HOT … I tried her underarm temp but could only get it to 100 degrees before she yanked it out.  The next morning the reading was 100.4.  I think you add 1 degree to an underarm reading, but I do know my baby was hot & miserable 😦  So, it’s been a regime of Tylenol and Motrin for her – and even this morning she is yet slightly warm to the touch off the meds. 

So, I think part of my problem is there was no church for me on Sunday.  I stayed home with the baby – though I did have nursery duty in the afternoon and went in to take care of that while Dan watched the baby.  Afterwards, I had to take Anna to a birthday party/sleepover – and ended up coordinating a neighborhood scavenger hunt type game for the girls, which took me about 2 hours!   I did manage to score a piece of the yummy ice cream birthday cake, so it was all worth it.  🙂 

I spent the evening watching DVDs of Wild, Wild West with my boys and watching Miriam – on meds – destroy the house piece by piece.  She has learned to shake her finger and say “no, no, no” for some reason.  They say your children are your greatest imitators … so true, so true. 

TODAY I know what I need – I need to reconnect with the one person I’ve neglected this entire weekend … MY HUSBAND!!!  I feel like I haven’t really talked to him intelligently since sometime last week!  Discussing the antics of the Wild Wild West characters does not constitute deep, soul-connecting conversation – however amusing.  We’ve been busy tag-teaming Miriam when her fever flares – and I just feel disconnected.  Even now, I need to shut up & go check on Dan who is holding Miriam while she finished out her morning nap.  I’m thankful we have a day off today for the M.L.K. Holiday!!

OH – the reason I titled this post PRAY is that there is truly so much to PRAY for and about.  And not just in my little world and your little world … The internet makes me aware of so many hurting people all around us!  Imagine a 38 year old mother with 2 sweet girls who suddenly suffers a stroke and is in a deep, medically induced coma from which no one is sure she will wake up.  She is the friend of an author whose blog and books I’ve been reading for a few years now.  You can read updates at The Simple Wife.  It hits harder because I was 38 not so long ago … NO ONE is guaranteed tomorrow – each day is a gift.  PRAY. 

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  1. Hope your week will get better! We have several children battling cancer in our community recently and it always reminds me how precious each day is and how important prayer is.I am passing along a Sunshine award to you, hopefully it will brighter your day a little!

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