Daybook – 1/18/2011

I liked Peggy’s version of The Simple Woman’s Daybook last week, so here I am again.
I like that I can condense my ramblings (like yesterday’s) into nice, concise categories!  🙂


Outside my window… it was gray and cold – we might get some snow in the days ahead?!

I am thinking… about all I need to get done.  As always.

I am thankful for… my kids’ health.  Miriam had a fever since Saturday evening – but after waking up warm today and her last dose of Infant Tylenol at 5 a.m., she seems fine now…
Good thing because Anna came home w/ a tummyache – ALTHOUGH she wanted chicken noodle soup for lunch & chicken nuggets for dinner (with BBQ sauce!).  I’m thankful that she apparently DOES NOT have the stomach flu that has been wiping out families around here!! 

From the kitchen… I made an easy & favorite crockpot dinner yesterday:  ham, cabbage, and potatoes.  Add a little water.  Cook on low for 6-8 hours.  We butter & salt the cabbage; I make some gravy – and my family LOVES this meal.

I am wearing… comfy clothes.  Been home all day w/ “sick” kids. 

I am going… to work tonight for my church – I do their accounting, & it is time to pay some bills!

I am reading… an Agatha Christie book as well as the book of Job in the Bible. 

I am hoping… this week will be uneventful.  Dare I??!

I am hearing… my almost-13 month old puttering around saying, “Mama!  Mama! Da-da!”

Around the house… working on organizing my desk so I can get back to my Medical Transcription course which I need to finish (so I can work more from home!).

One of my favorite things… my Oma’s featherbed on MY bed now!

A few plans for the rest of the week:
organize things for our church’s kids’ club on Wednesday night
home basketball game for my son on Friday
Upward basketball game for my daughter on Saturday
OH – and I think I have a hair appointment on Friday?!!!  Just a trim, but it always makes me feel better 🙂

A picture to share:  Oma’s featherbed paired with flannel sheets … no wonder I can’t get out of bed in the mornings!  🙂

There are more Daybooks on Peggy’s website.

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