Random Thoughts on a Snow Day

We woke up to an inch or two of snow this morning (at 4:45 a.m. which is when my school administrator husband is obligated to get up to check the weather & school closing status).  Since he is from Iowa, he scoffed when he saw that the public schools had already closed their doors for the day; however, he had to conform and call off our school as well.  Not that he minds a snow day; believe me, he enjoys the break as much as the kids do!!  🙂 

We fall into this snow-day routine that is left over from my days as the school secretary.  I call the radio stations on the cell phone to let them know our school is closed, and then I contact the tv stations (you have to have a SPECIAL CODE to authorize the notification … which somehow makes me feel very powerful!!  hee hee!!).  He calls from our home phone and wakes up the teachers and staff to tell them to go back to bed …

Today I was looking forward to crawling back into my warm bed after the obligatory notifications were done … and I did … and about 10 minutes later Miriam woke up.  *sigh*  I fed her and then Dan said he’d take her for me.  So I snuggled back in … and the phone rang (church member calling to ask if we’d canceled school).  *sigh*  But I was just about to drift off again … and Miriam found her way to my bedroom door and sat in front of it crying (Dan likens her to a cat who HATES closed doors).  I pull her into bed with me … and the phone rings … again (above said church member has called us back by mistake).  *sigh*  Dan takes Miriam back.  She fusses and chants, “Mom-mom-mom … Ma-ma!  Ma-ma!  Ma-ma!” and who can resist that so I get up.   Happy Snow Day.  So much for sleeping in. 

Since the Chinese President is here in the U.S. visiting the Obama’s, I could recommend the above for his Chinese torture tactics (do they still do Chinese torture?!!?!!): 
let someone drift to just the edge of sleep — and shrilly wake them up to the sound of a baby crying or a phone ringing.  Repeat.  Five times.  That should adequately put them on or over the edge.  See, I’m willing to spill my guts already. 

So, I’ve been drinking coffee and reading blogs – and I found an article at Blissfully Domestic that is JUST WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!!!  

Also, I got a comment on my water-drinking issue that explains my water problem so adequately – from a fellow non-water-liker:  ” it just sits on my stomach and i just feel it swishing around in there.”
YES, me too!!!!!!!!  Especially if I drink it first thing in the morning – I just feel like it’s going to come back up because it sure doesn’t seem to be going down.

My other confession about water is this:  I don’t take medication with water.  Somehow the taste of the pill (tylenol, whatever) comes through the water – and then it sits in my stomach, and I can almost envision the pill swimming around in the stagnant water.  It makes me sicker to take a pill with water than to not take a pill at all.  Pill + coke goes down nice & easy … Don’t tell my doctor I said that.  😉

Well, Miriam is down for an early morning nap (BIG SURPRISE!!!!!) and maybe I will follow her example.  My coffee cup is empty now – and maybe I can enjoy some extra snow day rest after all. 

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3 Responses to Random Thoughts on a Snow Day

  1. Tracey says:

    Hope you enjoyed your snow day! Thanks for taking the time to comment on my post on Nurturing Bookworms at Mama Buzz.

  2. Michelle G says:

    RUN TO YOUR BED (check off exercise on your to-do list) and SLEEP while you can!! :)I am the WORST at trying to sleep and then NOT sleeping. Talk about cranky bear mode! OH my!The other day I was attempting to get in just 1/2hour (I was EXHAUSTED) and first the boys were runnning down the hallway (I yell)then they were quietly running down the hallway (I yell)Then they are giggling because they are trying to silently tip-toe down the hallway (I am getting angrier by the moment)Then the ball is being rolled down the hallway being chased by the dog…..BANG into the bedroom door! (enter the angry mother bear)Then EVERYONE had to take a nap! It's just so much worse when you try and fail at a nap. makes you wish you hadn't even attempted it!SO – HOPE YOU"RE SLEEPING INSTEAD OF READING THIS!!! READ THIS LATER _IT"LL STILL BE HERE 🙂

  3. melanie says:

    Try starting your day with an orange? =)I have had days when I drank too much water first thing… but not lately… I think a friend used to suggest some crackers first? Sort of like morning sickness advice. I must dehydrate overnight, because I NEED a glass of water first thing.See my fb status last night for a nasty noise – hard wired smoke alarms :pAnd now DH is using his cell phone for an alarm clock 😮 LOVE my hubby who is self-disciplined to get UP at 5:30am daily. But I need to go to sleep earlier before I will be able to get up WITH him.Enjoy your nap and restful day!(long comment penalty!!!)

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