A Healthy Haus: Exercise

I hate to exercise … I hate to sweat … I don’t like gyms or gym equipment … I certainly don’t like to jog let alone run. 
I cringe when I think of the $200 I spent to join a gym (that offered child care) a few years ago – and I went 3 times!  I took one class there – and HATED it … HATED HATED HATED it.

I tried a personal trainer a few years ago too, though she worked with me and a few other ladies at once.  I signed up for 6 weeks with 2 classes per week.  It was awful.  After some classes, I felt like I was going to throw up, or I was so shaky I didn’t know if I could drive home.  I’d go home and lie on the floor and be totally useless for about an hour afterwards. 

I hate exercise. 

That said – I have found for myself that I can get some exercise by walking … and I do like to walk – though I probably walk too slowly to really be getting the fullest benefit.

The only other exercise I actually LOVED and stuck with was CURVES!!!!!   I loved CURVES.  It’s a woman’s only gym, yes … but you are done in 30 minutes.  You don’t really sweat too much … and you don’t leave feeling like you’ve been through boot camp.

If I could afford it and had regular child care, I’d go back in a heartbeat!!  It’s the only exercise program I ever stuck with for about a year or more – and where I actually saw (slow but steady) results.  It did help that I went with a group of friends, and we’d watch each other’s kids while the others exercised.  It was a great set-up!  🙂

I do recommend Curves – someday I want to go back!!  This week you can try Curves (if you have one near you) for FREE!!!  There is even one near ME, and I live in the middle of NO WHERE.

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  1. joy says:

    I would love to try Curves. The nearest one is 15 minutes from me. It is SO hard to get motivated to drive to an exercise place/gym, especially in the evenings, which is when the husband would be home to watch the kids. I have had some success with the the Leslie Sansone (sp?) DVD's. She does these "Walk at Home" things. You just walk in place in front of your tv. I lost 10 lbs by walking all summer. But it does get old after a while, which is why I stopped, I guess. lol. You can find some of her things on Youtube and just walk in front of your pc :o) I think Spring will put some wind in our sails and give us that burst of energy that we need. Hoping it comes quickly!

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